Sony Begin Promoting 3D Gaming – Initial 3D Titles Revealed

Throughout 2010 so far, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) have become the standard bearer for 3D technology in home videogame systems. While it would be possible for any games system currently on the market to produce stereoscopic 3D games – as both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have done in the forms of Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao and James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game – it’s SCE that have taken-up the mantle and decided to become the standard bearer for the technology. Today, that agenda has become clearer than ever, as SCE has begun promoting the technology as part of a new consumer campaign for both PlayStation 3 and the recently launched BRAVIA 3D TV series.

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mjolliffe3840d ago

Have a feeling I'll be getting 3D in the future :)

Rainstorm813840d ago

hopefully black friday brings some of these TV's within my price range id love a 3d Bravia.

Syronicus3840d ago

Hmmmm.... Sony is adding features. Makes me wonder how many of those that griped when they took the other OS feature away will be here praising Sony for now adding a feature that was not included in the original purchase price...

fOrlOnhOpe573840d ago

Two or three years from now, when 3D is the norm, gamers will look back fondly at 2010 and remember how it all started. (Of course, that is assuming 2012 gets cancelled lol)

mad-dog3840d ago

i watched some 3D content on a 1080P Pana plasma yesterday. DAYUM!!
but, i suppose this will only get better. The glasses are still a bit weird and your eyes really need to adjust.. it's kinda disorientating and you can see the flickering of the shutters.

but fuck yeah.. it looks awesome and it will add immersion

Darkstorn3840d ago

I just want to hear a confirmation from Sony that 120hz TVs will be compatible with the PS3's 3D applications.

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NastyLeftHook3840d ago

cant wait to see what the gaming/media giant will do with 3d.

kevco333840d ago

Those are some pretty decent titles to be pushing it with. Some big names there that'll attract not just dedicated gamers, but the more mainstream gamers that don't necessarily check out gaming mags or websites too.

nycredude3840d ago

Hell yeah I have all of those titles!! Motorstorm Pacific Rift in 3D!!! Yummy! And Gt5!!!

RatFuker3840d ago

sony really has alot of work ahead of it, and im positive they have what it takes to get it done, there sony.

YourFlyness3840d ago

When it comes to Technology Sony never disappoints, they are always among the top brands <Fact

E46M33840d ago

Playstation 3 had an obselete GPU when it launched.

Xbox 360 was atleast upto date in the GPU department when it launched.

Regardless both are really outdated now.

kevco333840d ago

Maybe in comparison to PCs, but in terms of the average gaming audience both the Xbox 360 and PS3 have still got a lot of juice left in them.

I find it difficult to swallow when people say Nintendo's recycled GameCube has reached it's limit - Mario Galaxy 2 looks better than aything that system has put out before, and 2011 will no doubt improve upon that as well.

YourFlyness3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

yea Technology is always surpassed as soon as it released.

Anyways I said never disappoints, obselete or not!

@kevco Agree, look at any console when they first are released the software isnt all that great, buit later in its years the graphics blow the early years out the water (oh you sunk my battleship, <lol random)

Meryl3840d ago

x360 can't do steroscopic 3d, what does this tell you, yes x360 is weak compared to ps3

DaTruth3840d ago

Strange that the 360 looks so tired and old compared to the PS3! PS3 is outclassing it 2 or 3:1.

kharma453840d ago

360 can do 3D

Though I can't see Microsoft pushing it as hard as Sony, at least until we see whether or not 3D becomes a success or not.

Pennywise3840d ago

Its too early for this nonsense. You don't even have a 360 game that looks good enough to beat 2007's Uncharted ONE. WTF are you talking about?

Are people like you in denial? Are you just young? Or are you paid by a company that can't back their talk up with hardware... they have to pay people to spread false information.

The GPU was not the top of the line when it released, but to try to give an edge to the 360 with its GPU is just silly while the PS3 is wiping the floor with its graphics.

sikbeta3840d ago

Idk about GPU "Paawaar", but for The PS3 is GPU+CBEA, cos CELL Is NOT a Simple CPU...

E46M33840d ago

Read my post before flaming.

I didnt compare the PS3 gpu to the 360 gpu.

I was comparing them to the timeline. When the 360 Launched the Radion gpu present within it was uptodate.

When the PS3 launched RSX was already out of date.

This doesnt mean the GPU within the 360 is vastly superior to the RSX. I Ment to say Microsoft did a better job for its time.

Inorder for PS3 to be uptodate for its time, it should have launched with a 8000 series gpu from nvidia, which it didnt. It launched with a gen older gpu, which is why its comparable in power to the Gpu in the Xbox.

And yea in comparison to each other i would take a PS3 over the xbox 360 anyday.

However both of them are vastly outdated in terms of current tech.

GMWPS33840d ago

outside. Plus many others! :-)

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raztad3840d ago


Thanks for the lecture, but what is your point? it's not like the PS3 is lacking good looking games or 3D gaming is not coming pretty soon, is it?

Narutone663840d ago

that to match the graphics of the PS3, the PC rig should have a graphic card that cost as much or more than a PS3.

Chris_TC3840d ago

So the PS3 costs less than $100 now?

E46M33840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Lol where did you get that Narutone.

I could get ya a 75usd GPU that will run Circles around the PS3.

Yes in the PC world Tech actually does advance. RSX is so old now its not even funny.

Pennywise3840d ago

Good thing you can get a GPU for $75 that runs without a processor, ram, motherboard, a case, and a power supply.

You guys are trying so hard... which makes your fail so much better.

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