Fatal Inertia Returns to PS3

It's a been a strange path. Koei's futuristic racer Fatal Inertia was originally announced as a PS3 launch title. The game missed launched, and Koei later announced that it was going to miss the PLAYSTATION 3 altogether. Instead, the title would be appearing on the Xbox 360. Well! The game is back on the PS3, it seems. Koei Chief Operating Officer Kenji Matsubara took the stage at Sony's Japan press event PLAYSTATION PREMIERE 2007 and showed titles headed for the PS3: Ni - OH, BLADESTORM and Fatal Inertia. Not sure if an official announcement was made or if, you know, Fatal Inertia was just slipped back in. Here's hoping no one notices!

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Kleptic5428d ago

haha this game is all over the place...I won't buy it for fear of opening up the box and not finding a disc inside...

chitown5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

yeaaa thats right come crawling back to the ps3..........

Blankman5428d ago

they better crawl back. Sony seems to be rackin up on that 3rd party support. Unfortunately this game pales in comparison to the other games coming out this yr so nuthin for u fatal intertia. I'll get ma futuristic racing sim off wipeout hd

Bloodmask5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

It is probably just all PR tricks.

It has had more delays than Duke Nukem Forever.

LeonSKennedy4Life5428d ago

I'm pretty sure nobody cares at this point...

It never looked that good. It wasn't one of the PS3 games I HAD TO HAVE!

Wipeout HD will be a MILLION times better...and, if nothing else, we could all play Kinetica (ps2 game). Jaffe helped design it!

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The story is too old to be commented.