Platform Nation: Games We Need To Play In HD

Julian Montoya from tells us why we need to play games in HD - "We all are, at some extent, graphic whores. We expect our favorite games to be just fun, to have engaging and innovative gameplay, but oh how we like when they look good. You see, graphics enhance the experience in huge levels. Just imagine GTA4 without a breathing, living, and beautiful place to kill, drive and pay for hookers. The extremely well done Liberty City is like another character, and another layer for a great experience. I bet more often than not when you’re retro gaming (or Wii gaming), you can’t help but wonder “man, this game would look sweet on HD”."

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blu_yu_away3099d ago

I would definitely put Wind Waker over Twilight Princess.

tunaks13099d ago

im against re-doing all these games,
let them stay in there aged look that way we can appreciate them and how good they were at that time.

jaosobno3099d ago

Great list except Okami. Would prefer Ico instead.

Darkstorn3099d ago

I think an HD remake of Okami using Playstation Move would be awesome.

TheIneffableBob3099d ago

I played Shadow of the Colossus at 1680x1050 with 16x AF and 2x AA. It was pretty nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.