Glu assigned to next Call of Duty mobile release

joystiq writes: Face it: despite your plans to shut yourself in with the next Call of Duty release this November, you can't possibly spend all of your time at home, can you? Don't answer that -- Glu Mobile already has: The mobile game publisher has announced its fourth Call of Duty game for mobile phones, set to be released later this year "in conjunction with" Call of Duty: Black Ops. See -- now you can leave the house this winter.

Call of Duty's fourth mobile iteration will be released across a variety of carriers and app stores that support "feature phones" and smartphones. Glu Mobile prez Niccolo de Masi claims that the title "will serve as the ideal complement for Call of Duty fans and new players alike," while neglecting to provide any further details about the game. Us? We're just hoping the game comes with a pair of mittens to keep our trigger finger warm.

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