7 months later: Modern Warfare 2

A post-launch review of Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare written by GK's very own Jim Hargreaves. The review details how the online mutliplayer may have rubbed COD fans the wrong way, as well as how the unconventional story-telling was a saving grace for the the title.

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Alcon Caper3262d ago

FIX THE ONE MAN ARMY CHEAPNESS! It's ruining my fun!!!!!!!

FishCake9T43262d ago

Lol. The One man army noob tubes sure do ruin fun even though i still have fun on it. IMO the bet way to have fun on COD is to be a noob.

booni33262d ago

played bfbc2 once....
and again
and again
and again.....

claterz3262d ago

"IMO the bet way to have fun on COD is to be a noob." change that to "The only way". that's the problem with MW2, I can have fun on CoD4 no matter what map,class,game mode..

KillerBBs3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

It's the only way this game is fun.

Fix Akimbo while your at it. How can you stab with two shotguns... let alone climb over a wall. and why is it if you point the cross hairs at someone feet... pull the trigger and you nail them in the chest. Auto aim is ridiculous with Akimbo.

Stabbing lame. I die all the time when someone cuts the buttons out my uniform or they miss completely.

Fix the quick scope sniper. This is the most unrealistic snipers ever. I'm sure they don't teach sniper in the military to look thru the scope for a spilt second and let the auto aim do the rest.

And why is it, that the people with the most lag the hardest to kill and are often the kill leaders. Should I down grade my IP service.

I love most of the changes from MWF1 to 2 but this game just doesn't play right after the Javelin glitch fix.

Hank Hill3262d ago

^^^^I agree with everything you said but let me add a few.

-Akimbo weapons should be reloaded one gun at a time(taking longer as a drawback) like you would have to do in real life. You shouldn't be able to point two shotguns down to the ground and they magically reload on their own.

-Bullets should be able to break up the knifing animation. I want you to get the fastest man in the world to run at me with a knife and let's see if he can teleport through my bullets and knife me.

-Shotguns should be primary weapons and not secondary weapons.

-Grenade launchers and launchers should replace perk 1 like in COD4 and WAW and that will prevent infinite noob toobs from scavenger and one man army.

-Claymores should explode instantly and kill any and everyone in it's way. Again, get the fastest man in world and let me set up a claymore and let's see if he can run right through it unharmed.

-Cold blooded should keep you off of the heartbeat sensor. You shouldn't have to use a perk just to stay off of the heartbeat sensor.

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toaster3262d ago

7 months later: still crappy.

gamekudos3262d ago

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thought this.

Crystallis3262d ago

Dont fix it ... get rid of the whole damn thing. People just sitting up top firing unlimited noob tubes is just dumb and cheap..

zeeshan3262d ago

It was crap when they launched it, it's crap still!!!

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PantherDST3262d ago

I stopped playing a long time ago, after the glitching, boosting, and cheating effected just about every game I played. Ruined it for me and I havent been back since.

tdogchristy903262d ago

yep same here. And if it wasn't for the lag I'd be on BFBC2...but alas, I'm on Red Dead Redemption atm.

Brklynty13262d ago

Still a glitch fest....
Still crappy......
Still at full retail price....
Still over priced DLC....
Still not in my games library....and its staying that way...

BeaArthur3262d ago

That about sums it up. The game received all those great scores and nobody knew what a mess it was going to end up being.

Hideo_Kojima3262d ago

In UK it the price is £25
Not that bad...

Alvadr3262d ago

Yep, couldnt agree more. MW2 was my biggest disappointment of last year.

I purchased this game for full retail price, completed it in 2days and sold it on ebay straight after.

It was really really bad!

spektical3262d ago

7 months later...

IW broken up
still milking MW2 with $15 map packs
unbalanced perks and killstreaks
too much noobtoobing
too much camping

sometimes when i play MW2, i get a sniper kit thinking i have a motorstrike to get rid of some campers. :(

gamekudos3262d ago

Unfortunately, I didn't mention the IW break up or map pack in the review, though we will be getting a Stimulus review up shortly.

Baka-akaB3262d ago

Expecting anytime soon "Modern crapware 2 Game of the year edition" .. with the two map packs

sak5003262d ago

yes priced at 100$ for limited time only you get nukes for free.

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