Dirt Review

No one will argue that the Colin McRae Rally series has consistently been some of the best dirt racing on any console year after year. And only a few less would argue that the series, despite its consistent awesomeness, has needed an overhaul for a few years now as well. Let's face it – navigating winding dirt roads at breakneck speeds is definitely exciting, but yearly updates and better graphics alone do start to get boring after a while.

And that's where Dirt comes in. Check out the written review and the video.

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The Drift king5428d ago

I hate it when reporters use phrases like "no one would argue" and stuff like that. In this case, there's plenty that would. He actually goes to state that the handling is excellent. If you can go from 200kph to a dead stop in 3 feet on loose gravel, it's not too excellent. Also for a rally game, you do very little drifting. It's extremely difficult to instigate drifting at all. I think that it is all in response to the horrible reviews that the last one in the series got. The game was crucified for having weak brakes and too loose of handling. It's clear that they overcompensated this year. While the graphics are superb in this title (especially the first person views), the handling is garbage and therefore it is already collecting dust within my collection. 6.5/10 max overall score with extremely poor replay value.