Halo Wars : New Units Shown

The official website for Halo Wars has recieved an update. A couple of new units, like the Covenant Air Artillery, and some screenshots are shown. Not a big update, but its nice to see some of the new vehicles in the Halo universe that'll be hitting the battlefield next year.

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risk5425d ago

how can you get hyped at this game? i dunno...after the original age of empires ensemble studios screwed up on RTS

i Shank u5425d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

1. I love RTS games
2. I'm a halo douchebag that jumps at anything Halo

I tried the AoE series and never got into it, prolly cause i didnt like the time period and story seemed lame. But thats old man, this game is a new slate and will be totally diff. from AOE. This game has some of the best RTS grphx, there's a good vid. of it

Bloodmask5425d ago

that we are getting a different view at the Halo universe.

TruthHurts5425d ago

that it`s getting MILKed like a cow, and your cool w/ that.

1."the ELITE" SKU.
2.HALO3 (legitimate).

is HALO WARS made by BUNGIE?

i Shank u5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

its only getting milked cause it has nice full titties to milk.
Halo was supposed to be 3rd person Action/RTS for PC and PS2 originally. Glad to see it finally happening. Bungie is not making it but they are keeping some control over the game to make sure it is a good

Mario and Sonic are milked bro, not halo, at least not yet halo. Until Halo: MiniWarthog Extreme Racerz comes out, the halo titties will not run dry.

iceice1235425d ago

Is not being made by Bungie. It's being made by Ensemble.