Valve wants PS3 “open like a Mac,” not “closed like a Gamecube”

Scrawl: "Half-Life and Portal developer Valve would like to see Sony’s PlayStation 3 console become “more open like a mac” rather than “more closed like a Gamecube”, explained company CEO Gabe Newell in a recent interview with 5BY5."

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PirateThom3074d ago

Trying to make sense of this....



blitz06233074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

It means exactly what people think of them. They're too lazy to learn how to develop for the PS3.

And they call themselves developers. Pathetic.

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Anon19743074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Seriously. What the hell is Gabe going on about? "We need to target platforms that do a better job of looking like where we want to be in a few years."

So you want the PS3 to do a better job looking like where you want to go? Maybe we should start calling Gabe the Bus Driver. Hell, maybe he should be the one heading up Sony's game division! Here's the wheel, Gabe! Take Sony where you think Valve's going!

What arrogance. I like Valve. I think they make some great games but I remember when they teamed up with ATI and suddenly Nvidia cards weren't good enough to run your games when every other developer out there seemed to be able to get their software to work on both cards just fine. Valve was founded by people who cut their teeth on Microsoft of the late 80's and early 90's and it's clear from their business practices after that they certainly learned a thing or two about anticompetitive practices while they made their millions. At the end of the day this was a company that was founded by Microsoft millionaires and Valve has made it very clear in the past they have no issue screwing over one company to protect their business partners. Maybe Valve will change one day, but not as long as Gabe Newell is at it's head.

SullyDrake3074d ago

I started typing a reply and realized it wasn't worth the effort.

jjohan353074d ago

This is the most funny/ridiculous statement from him yet. Why did he not say PC or iPhone, but MAC??? LOL.

harrisk9543074d ago

"Those who have not accomplished sometimes deride those who have."

I guess you are channeling Steve Jobs with that comment?

FYI, people are entitled to make observations when it comes to public figures and companies that make public comments. If every other company can develop for the PS3 (albeit some better than others), then logically Valve does not want to develop (or can't) for one of the following reasons:

1. They are too lazy (Possible)
2. They are not smart enough (not likely)
3. They just don't like the PS3 (Probable)
4. MS is paying them not to develop for the PS3 (not likely)
5. They don't want to spend the resources (dumb considering the large and expanding PS3 user base).

UltraNova3074d ago

Gabe STFU already!Jesus every time I hear his name is like someone is forcing 20 cheeseburgers down my throat! Disgusting!

Where is the 360 going that the ps3 isnt, huh Gabe?

This guy is surely paid more than Aaron Greenberg to bash the ps3. When Aaron finds about this he will be pissed!

Ok we get it, dont ever develop for the ps3 and move on with your life!

Jesus Christ!

DERKADER3074d ago

You guys realize that Gabe gets his kicks from reading angry Sony Fanboy comments. Your just feeding his weird sexual fantasies. OR is he feeding your fantasies...

despair3074d ago

wait wasn't there a report that Portal works like crap on the MAC? hmm.

HolyOrangeCows3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

"We need to target platforms that do a better job of looking like where we want to be in a few years."
Bi-annual expansion packs dressed as sequels?

"So you want the PS3 to do a better job looking like where you want to go? Maybe we should start calling Gabe the Bus Driver. Hell, maybe he should be the one heading up Sony's game division! Here's the wheel, Gabe! Take Sony where you think Valve's going!
What arrogance. I like Valve. I think they make some great games but I remember when they teamed up with ATI and suddenly Nvidia cards weren't good enough to run your games when every other developer out there seemed to be able to get their software to work on both cards just fine"

-SIXAXIS-3074d ago

@despair: I have Portal on both Mac and PC. It runs slightly better on PC, but the Mac version is definitely okay. It ran smooth as silk for me with an average of 60+ frames using my 2008 MacBook Pro.

gaffyh3074d ago

I don't get why he said Mac, isn't it quite a closed off platform? Wouldn't it have made more sense if he said Linux or even Windows???

beardpapa3074d ago

Maybe instead of reading articles talk fud about a port using a hackintosh, you should actually try out the darn game on an actual Mac. Like above said, it runs quite smooth. it's not as crisp as portal on my pc few years ago, but on my mbp it runs very smoothly.

beardpapa3074d ago

iPhone os is quite closed. Osx not so much.

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barom3074d ago

For those that didn't watch the interview and are bashing Gabe ignorantly with stuff like "stfu already". Gabe Newell REALLY did not want to touch on the topic of PS3, and even though he could've avoided it he did not seem wanting to disrespect the interviewers.

On a side note, I'll mention that Gabe actually said Sony was going in the right direction. So there you go. I'll suggest you guys (who bashes so blindly) should start to go straight to the source when you hear something so illogical as this article's title, it'll usually give you a much better perspective on what the interviewee meant (although not in this case, still makes no sense).

zag3074d ago

I think he/Valve don't want to spend the money in case the PS3 falls out of the market.

The openness of the mac could be about the Mac running windows software straight up rather than messing around so maybe want Sony to allow the running of xbox games on the PS3 straight up.

Overall though, it'd probably be better for them to just say they make PC only games and hand off the xbox port to other companies and be done with it all rather than keep trying to look like someone at valve gives a s * * t about the PS3, overall.

darkmurder3074d ago

Lol Mac - open

Ahh Gabe you crack me up.

UltraNova3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

'Where is the 360 going that the ps3 isnt, huh Gabe?'

That is a quote from my post above. It shows one out of two things.

Either YOU didn't read the actual interview cause if you did you would know that the quote above could only been posted if you read the actual interview or your feelings were 'hurt' because I said something that everybody else is thinking about your friend Gabe.

Common even I loved Valve but the fact of the matter is that as long as it is under this douches control, this great company is reduced to nothing but fanboy shit.

badz1493074d ago

comparing a mac (computer) to the PS3.....maybe all the cholesterol is climbing to his brain by now! that is the only explanation for this dumb statement! stop eating those burgers and start working out a bit you dumbass!

barom3073d ago


Uhm, how does that quote say anything about the interview. Anyone with a dedicated fanboy mind like you could've written that within a second. In fact, that is what you would've written if you were an ignorant fanboy like you. You just proved my point. Seriously, think about what you're writing for a minute or two will you.

Oh and btw, I hate Valve.

UltraNova3073d ago

LOL! you crack me up! You are so obsessed with the word fanboy that I am sure its your favorite word!

When you get older, I'd say 15, lets talk again.

BTW I didnt prove anything you said.

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playstation_clan3074d ago

what language is this article in?

Kurylo3d3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Im not quite sure what valve is saying either cause mac is not open at all.


¿More Open like Mac?

I don't understand.

If he is talking about Sony and Apple. Apple is more closed than Sony.

Game13a13y3074d ago

Valve and 360 are perfect match to each other, both fat and unwanted.

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deadreckoning6663074d ago ShowReplies(7)
mookins3074d ago



I got nothing.

What the hell ARE they talking about?

They should just admit they hate the PS3, hate Sony and be done with it already. I think everyone knows they hate the hardware already so why try to make up excuses that make NO logical sense?

mookins3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Did I say it was a problem? I just said that if they hate the PS3 and Sony so much, then develop on the platforms they wish to develop on and stop making bullshit excuses.

If Valve hates Sony and the PS3, then stop mentioning it. End of story.

Are you feeling alright? Did you even try to understand the point I was making here?

....I guess not because I don't even know what you're trying to say either. :/

edit: I think you need to step away from defending Valve for a bit because once again you're not making any sense whatsoever. I understand Valve wants to work on the 360 and PC only. But *why* do they insist on making one stupid comment after the next about the PS3?

Gabe Newell is a disgrace to their company.

raptorjacob3074d ago

@ deadreckoning. it would be a problem if they didn't like the ps3 because they are talking negatively about the ps3. They are making it look like sony is the problem and not their assumptions about the ps3.

They could just say ps3 is not something we want to develop for because our future is not in that direction. Instead they are talking mumbo jumbo.

mastiffchild3074d ago

@deadreckoning666-Nobody is doubting Valve as a developer. No one has ever done that over all their outbursts regarding Sony, PS3 AND PS3 gamers. the reason they get people's back's up(and you don't have to have been an industry figure to have a right to an opinion. I never tried being racist to see how much fun it was offending people but I still know not to do it and have every right to feel it's totally wrong even if no one was ever racist TO me either.

Similar thing here. we can judge Valve by comparison with other devs and companies in similar positions. Insomniac and Ted Price aren't reviled by any of the 360 community even though they don't make games for them. Why? Because they haven't badmouthed anyone or anything from a position of relative ignorance. Had they said things about the 360 and it's gamers like Valve and Gabe have about Sony/PS3 gamers without making a game on said platform they'd get exactly the same grief thwat Gabe and Valve get. Fact is Gabe has a HEAVY MS history and as such should be careful about what he says as his comments are bound to be seen a certain way. Appearing to side with MS is going to illicit responses like: "Well, he would say that wouldn't he?".It puts in a bad position.

If Ted Price, with his long Sony history did similar to 360 he'd be ion the same boat but he didn't and when asked about why his company has stayed exclusive to PS3 stated the truth and only the truth about enjoying the relationship he and his company have with Sony. The question, really, is why have Valve and Gabe not taken the same approach and gone out of their way to appear unprofessional over all this? Personally, having played their(Valve's) recent games on both PC and 360 I wish they'd not make any console games AT ALL until they're prepared to put the same care and features and quality into them as they do on PC.

Valve make great games but given their comparatively weak console output and complete lack of knowledge of what it takes to make a good game on PS3 they'd have been best staying quiet.

Zeevious3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Other companies have faced the unique programming challenges and succeeded...Why has only Valve had such a vocal and consistent failure with this hardware?

Multi-processor hardware WAS unique years ago, and are now as common as every computer for sale. Who's fault is it that Valve never bothered to learn the new processing methods? I'm tired of hearing this company's constant whining over how very very hard all them big bad processors are. they never seem to complain about the multi-threaded model on the 360 . . . So what's the argument? What's the problem?

Every time I hear one of their rants on the Cell & PS3 all I hear is every single word coming through as a synonym for INCOMPETENT!

Valve...SHUT UP and hire programmers who learned from something whose title doesn't start with "Compleat Idiots Guide To..."

solidjun53074d ago

You lying troll. Oh here's how big of a hypocrite you are. You say "Who cares" and yet spout about saying anything you want. Just be gone you loser.

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sikbeta3074d ago

I don't Get it! The Architecture or What!?

tinybigman3074d ago

i would respect you more if you'd try and it didnt turn out right; then you not trying at all.

Anarki3074d ago

They talk more about the PS3 than anyother console, yet they're not going to develop on it....

Valve be trollin'!

Perkel3074d ago

now it's confirmed. VELVE has BAN from Sony ;)

Lol listening him is funny he calls MOST closed system ever open. And ps3 closed platform for development by velve.

Gabe just need to stfu and start making sence. They didn't even released good game in years !!

Darkstorn3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Valve is saying that the PS3 should be more 'open-source.' I think that's a good idea, even though it's already the most customizable of pretty much any console ever made.

raztad3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

If that is the case they wouldnt be developing their games for the xbox/Windows.

They are using MAC to make a point of how APPLE is using more standard hardware (intel based) and standard development tools.

baker_boi3074d ago

Intel created the Cell isn't that a mute point?

Sony has put out atleast 2 engines I know of that is supposed to help with making Development on PS3 more like PC. And One of them they even stated HELPS port games to both PS3 AND 360.

It's how you put the hardware to work, not who made it. If they spent more time working on an Engine for the CELL and less time playing the propaganda game we wouldn't have to keep hearing the broken record that is, Valve.

Not that it actually matters to me, cause the only first person games I own are Resistance 2 and Kill Zone 2. So I wouldn't miss 'em.

LostDjinn3074d ago

Intel did what? I think you better check that. Let's explore this fantasy of yours for a minute though. If Intel did infact make the CELL, wouldn't that be a "moot" point as a "mute" point doesn't make sense.

Please, please, please use factual information in future as BS doesn't help anyone.

Run_bare3073d ago

Correction, Intel do not create Cell processor. IBM with the help of SONY.

IBM created the first CELL based computers which is the QS Blades technology. It currently a niche products which most of major countries Dpt of Defence is using. Sony also funded the technology and saw the potential.

Just thought you shoud know.

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Raf1k13074d ago

Didn't 5BY5 even think to ask what Gabe meant by that? What kind of an interviewer takes a cryptic comment and just runs with it?

ikkokucrisis3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Valve = Console Diva

gtamike1233074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Half Life 2 and other Valve games are more fun on PC anyway.

Elimin83074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Can you blame people for putting fire underneath Valves or any other developers ass? Back when the PS2 and xBox was out, all you heard were.... xbox is better than PS2 just look at the graphics comparison! And despite the fact that PS2 came out the winner "Quality Tittles" they still focused on the xBox being the most powerful system.. Fast forward to today you have the same BS. What I can't understand is, if that was true then, why does the same method not apply now. You have the PS3 the most powerful system out and they STILL focus on the XBOX 360 being inferior to the PS3 in Graphics and sound...... And Possibly everything else... I just think enough is enough. make games for both system or one of your choice shut the fuck up and lets move on..

My 2Cents.....

-SIXAXIS-3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

The reason that Valve continues making up this BS is to hide the fact that they only like to develop for standard hardware. That was the point they were making about Mac being an "open-platform". Think about it, PCs have similar CPUs, Macs have similar CPUs, XBOX and 360 have similar CPUs. They clearly don't like to change, and developing for PS3 would mean that they have to start all over learning a new architecture.

Elimin83074d ago

I agree. I just wish all this nonsense would stop...

darksied3074d ago

How would they have to start all over? I can understand the CPU being a bit different than the others, but exactly how is that going to be so groundbreaking in their entire game-making process, that they just skip the entire platform? How much of the programming does the CPU take? The level designing, AI, actual game itself probably wouldn't change too much; they just have to figure out how to use the CPU to its potential, so why such the big hatred towards this processor?

Unless of course it's not the processor itself; maybe they just don't like the ps3.

Christopher3074d ago

Okay, I think I actually understand what he's talking about.

He's saying the gamecube was a closed system in the sense that you had no clue where it was going or how far it would go and that the Nintendo Wii was a surprise to everyone, making it hard for third-parties to adjust and plan the potential of the Wii for their company. People didn't know what to do with the Wii when it came out.

Whereas MAC seems to have a goal to dominate the portable electronics market and is very clear in their desires to not utilize flash and the such. You know what will and won't work with the future of MAC, what your options are.

Having said that, I have no clue how he can call the PS3 closed considering their work to get updated code out to all developers through their ICE program, openly showing all their technology at practically every event they can, and openly declaring no goals for a new console release until 2014.

If a 4 year outlook isn't enough of a look into the future of the PS3 for Valve, then they really just have no plans to go that route.

Personally, I say just shut up about the PS3 and make your games for the PC and 360. I'd rather not have his games on the PS3 and not have to listen to him stumble over why they refuse to take their games to the platform than have them and listen to him fumble over why they can't program for the console.

Army_of_Darkness3074d ago

well, you heard the big bad boss Sony! get to work on internally reconfiguring the ps3 for dummies so that the boss man can understand how to actually use it!!!!

yoshiro3074d ago

closed system?? roflmao...this valve guys -_\

solar3074d ago

yeah, they know nothing. since '96. on how to make games people want, games people "desire".

Immortal Kaim3074d ago

I don't know why you guys get so riled up about Gabe's comments? It isn't an issue of being 'lazy', they are a business, if they think they can make profit somewhere, they will venture there. It's probably something as simple as 'do the potential profits of developing on the PS3 out-way the cost of hiring outsiders or learning the architecture of the PS3'? I guess so far, the answer is no.

p.s If you're going to respond, please do so without resorting to fanboy drivel...Thanks

-SIXAXIS-3074d ago

@Immortal Kaim: See, a few years ago your argument would be valid, but now things have changed. The PS3 now has a large fanbase which is growing at a (apparently) faster rate than the 360. Although it may cost them money now, I believe that it is a good investment because the ends will justify the means. However, I am not an accountant or anything of that sort and I don't have access to Valve's financial information (obviously) so I can't say for sure. I just personally think they are bullshitting and it would be profitable for them to accept and develop for the PS3, even if that means hiring more devs.

Raz3074d ago

We've all been talking, and we think it's finally time for you to STFU. ..Actually, we think it's long overdue. So please, for the love of all that is holy - stick your head back in the Doritos bag and keep it there.

solar3074d ago

wow. as gamers you should all be ashamed because you have no idea how great an open platform is for innovation.

Raz3067d ago

Gabe doesn't give a crap about open platform - right, like the 360 is totally open? He's just finding yet another reason to hate on the PS3.

Greywulf3074d ago

I'd love to see Valve make a product that stands up to the next of God Of War 3, Killzone2, Resistance2, MGS4, Uncharted 1 & 2, MLB09-010, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain...

anything other than rehashing their 10 year old engine...for yet another fps.

Then maybe I'd care about playing the games I have on steam, on my ps3?

I mean.. Vavle, just be happy with MS and hope they buy u out one day. I mean, it happened for Media Molecule. Could happen for you one day too.

Cevapi883074d ago

the most closed off company in Apple being compared to Sony who allow developers the freedom to do whatever the hell they looking at LBP, Modnation, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica...and its not just the freedom to do it but the ability to keep pushing the system as far as it can go and still have room for improvement...hey Gabe "future here" the f*** you talking about?? why dont you go make Half Life 3....uuuu 6 years now since the last one...hmmm, for one to talk so much about Sony and PS3 it seems you are having the same problems with your own company and then some

PCnPS3Gamer3074d ago

but when they tried they realized it was too hard and over there head, god damn new tech....doesnt everyone hate when technology is better but harder to figure out why cant tech be easy and average..../s

gabe newell is a fat tool that should just admit he isnt talented enough to runn with the likes of naughty dog santa monico, molecule, polyphony digital. he knows the ps3 will destroy his reputation as a talented dev when he makes crap games for the ps3....

gumgum993074d ago


couldn't have said it better myself, PirateThom

Consoldtobots3074d ago

I think he means he wishes the PS3 were more like a big mac so he can slurp it down with his gamecube. whatever that means........

zeeshan3074d ago

Why don't Valve use the same logic and apply it on themselves!?

Steve_03074d ago

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this, seeing as I have a Mac, and a PS3. Valve make great games, and Steam isn't half bad (although the OS X port is rubbish atm), but this comment here is ridiculous. I'll probably play the games on PC or Mac anyway, but you're alienating a huge market.

vhero3074d ago

See this isn't Valve in general this is Gabe and has always been Gabe he is the one with the problem. He is the lazy dev not Valve and since he has a lot of power there that's why you see no games like L4D on PS3.

KILL-ALL-CURE3074d ago


SaiyanFury3074d ago

"Open like a Mac". Wow, coming from an avowed PC developer who openly insults Sony and it's gamers, that's quite a statement. The GameCube was closed because of Nintendo, not by any other means. Mac OSX is generally a closed platform in which developers pay Apple for access to the OS to develop software. Not every developer can make things for the Mac OSX platform. Not very 'open' in my opinion. Sony, at least provides development kits for the PS3 so developers can make software on the PS3. I don't think Apple provides quite the same support...

8thnightvolley3074d ago

OMg this wtf is up with that analogy it makes no bloody sense.

mythamp3074d ago

The idiocy in that statement baffles my mind.