Virtual On Force an Xbox 360 Exclusive?

SEGA Japan set up a count down site for a mysterious SEGA game last week. The latest edition of Famitsu reveals a brand new SEGA title, exclusive to the Xbox 360 - Virtual On Force. Could it be?

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Godmars2903260d ago

The current one is, don't see why this new one wouldn't be.

Godmars2903260d ago

Not saying that it shouldn't be multiplatform, that Sega wouldn't benefit from a "cheap" $15 DL title being on both the XBL and PSN, just that it wont be because MS doesn't want it to be and likely had it locked up as exclusive since they got the last game.

Vinster3260d ago

None of the home versions were really any good. Wish they would focus on something else.

Tapewurm3260d ago

I always liked the virtual on series on Sega's machines...the Saturn and Dreamcast versions were some of my favorite games (PS2 version was OK as well....liked the PS2 dualshock controller for it...twin sticks on the dualshock were sweet). Hope they consider a PS3 version for the controller alone.

almehdaaol3260d ago

If they don't strip anything out like Yakuza 3.

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