Split/ Second - Xbox 360 vs. PS3 explosions

Videogameszone is showing two explosions from Split/ Second for Xbox 360 and PS3 in comparison.

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BannedForNineYears4691d ago (Edited 4691d ago )

Assuming those are the same kinds of explosions, PS3 version looks waaay better.
It actually has debris flying out.

viperfx4691d ago

both consoles are identical to be honest. I own a ps3, and i really think all these comparisons are completely pointless. When your racing at over 100mph you dont notice any of this, and the game has so many explosions and things happening at one time, it really makes no difference. These sorta stories i think should def be barred from N4G.

Bobby Kotex4691d ago

Many of us own both consoles, so even if one is slightly better, we'll get that one. But I have to admit I was annoyed with these comparisons when I only had one console.

SuperStrokey11234691d ago

I cant get the pics to load for some reason. Anyone able to help?

Ocelot5254691d ago Show
Ocelot5254691d ago Show
SmokeyMcBear4691d ago

haha... free country?... this is a dictatorship. And we don't look kindly upon bad language.

Ocelot5254691d ago

no seriously this is a culture shock for me

Double Toasted4691d ago

Why do I have to have google to translate pictures? It makes no sense...I am now...hungry!

niceguywii604691d ago

God I hate this site. The comparison setup doesn't even make sense. No doubt they're trying to hide something with their fixed comparisons.

DelbertGrady4691d ago

Been saying it for a while. They do the worst comparisons of all sites.

dirthurts4691d ago

A more coherent comparison? Slide shows are nice I guess...but how about at least trying to catch the same explosion?

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