FFXIV World Map and Guild information via Weekly Famitsu

A seven-page spread about Final Fantasy XIV's world map (which seems heavily influenced by Africa), the three main city-states, various locations found within the city-state of Limsa Lominsa and six of the game's guilds. Includes scans!

Higher quality scans and additional translations to follow once the magazine goes on sale.

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Game13a13y3076d ago

oh WOW, FF14!! *pretending i'm excited*

FACTUAL evidence3076d ago

Thanks for starting my day. Yeah...why would they make ANOTHER online FF in the mainstream titles.....they should have been seperate from the numbered FF's. Like final fantasy: online adventures.

Caffo013075d ago

Why do the numbers matter so much to you?if you like to collect final fantasy games just buy it...

Reibooi3076d ago

Anyone who knows and follows MMO's should be incredibly excited about FFXIV. Regardless of if the game has a play style people like or not it's really pushing what visuals can be in a MMO. It looks leaps and bounds ahead of anything else and it's not even half done from what we hear(and that includes the visuals).

The animation as well is vastly better then anything we have seen in any other MMO. Both the way characters move and their faces look incredibly life like which is something most MMO's cannot say.

JAMurida3076d ago

I agree, I was pretty amazed at just the animation when they stop after running and even just moving as well. Not to mention to attention to detail in the game, (example: When it shows one of them cooking, he rubs his eye after cutting an onion. Small stuff like that is nice to see). I am huge fan of FFXI and played it for about 3 years, so it would be natural for me to be looking forward to XIV.

But I'll have to say what has me so surprised is the fact that all of this we have seen, (leaked footage, pictures and what not), is all from the alpha stage of the game, and IMO, that's pretty amazing for an alpha build. Hopefully come E3 we'll see more on XIV's final build and maybe get a date for the PS3 beta.

Crystallis3076d ago

if you played FFXI you would be excited.

SuperStrokey11233076d ago

if you saw the videos of combat so far you wouldnt

Reibooi3076d ago

If you had common sense you would know those vids were flamebait. They were of someone who didn't know how to play the game at level 4 in a alpha with 50% of abilities locked.

Game13a13y3076d ago

if its anything like FF11, then there's more of a reason to have nothing much to be excited about. it's basically just like any other MMO's only with FF skin. hopefully, for FF14 they would make it abit more like Monster Hunter, then that's something to be excited about :\

Downtown boogey3076d ago

How about if one has played FFXIII? Sort of losing faith in SE...
Final Fantasy is a legendary series but it DOES NOT justify for the rehearsing of the same gameplay style over several titles.

Game13a13y3075d ago

yep, the fact that FF13 sucked doesn't help much either.

DA_SHREDDER3076d ago

I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

SirRunic3076d ago

Looks nice, but I'm looking forward to TOR more.

darthdevidem013076d ago

Not excited, offline FF's are the best, unless its not subscription based.

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