Dynasty Warriors 5 Announced for PS3

Another PS3 title has just been announced by KOEI at the PlayStation Premier event which is going on right now in Tokyo. A more detailed information will be made available at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) this year surrounding Dynasty Warriors 5 for the PS3.


The title is Dynasty Warriors 6 here in the US and Dynasty Warriors 5 in Jap.

Sorry for the Misinformation

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AznSniper5429d ago's Dynasty Warriors 6....please fix

Presidentjr5429d ago

you dont see the official game logo ? you cant really miss that big "5" imprinted in it, can you ?

AznSniper5429d ago

In america it's called Dynasty Warriors 6....the first Dynasty Warriors game came out in america.....then when the sequel came out it was called Dynasty Warriors 1 in Japan and in america it was called Dynasty Warriors we are ahead by one

THE_JUDGE5429d ago

to see another one on the PS3, great games.

Odion5429d ago

I have to disagree, DW lost its fun factor after the first like 4, theres really not much you can do with it now, you make it look pretty.

hazeblaze5429d ago

I probably wouldn't buy another one after DW6 comes out... but I would be down to buy a next gen version of the game if it included some beefed up graphics. Don't see them being able to do too much to differentiate the gameplay of this one from previous ones though.

TruthHurts5429d ago

i just hope they do some new things w/ it.

timmyp535429d ago

for a couple co-op playthroughs.. you cant play it forever. But still good game

GaMr-5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

Ohhh wait thats right you guys have annouced an entire entourage of games/exclusives since january. hmmm don't worry the fanboys will find something else to whine about.

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The story is too old to be commented.