DualShockers Split/Second – Video Review

DualShockers writes:

The premise behind Split/Second is that it is a new TV reality show and you are the star. You race and the film crew follows your every turn and crash. Split/Second has some fantastic explosions that rival some war games at times and some solid racing that does have some flaws. There are also some innovative game modes that were created for this game like Aerial Strike where a helicopter tries its hardest to destroy you with its missiles, but is that enough to make Split/Second a must buy?

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taz80804947d ago

The game is fun and very graphically appealing. Explosions are done very well and compare to some great explosions in MW2.

Looking forward to a sequel.

JoelT4947d ago

had a really good time with this game at PAX East. The lighting effects are probably the very best I've seen in a game this generation.

taz80804947d ago

The lighting is very important because of the constant explosions and changes they make in terrain and course layout. The game visually is very good just lacks a little bit more to make it a true classic

Hitman07694947d ago

Absolutely dude it was freakin gorgeous lookin' , one of the best in show I'd say from a graphical standpoint for sure!

Hitman07694947d ago

If you would speed through the track and some one in the audience whipped those out I bet you don't make the right move 9/10 times in that split/second... Unless you're About that!

Ninferno4947d ago

i want this game, it looks really fun and its different.

Chadness4947d ago

Either this or Blur...hmmm...decisions, decisions. This game *looks* great though, visually.

Hitman07694947d ago

Oh baby I want this game so bad! Boom!

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evilkillerk2334d ago

Blurs servers were the main issue but would love to see it return.

AZRoboto2334d ago

I'll point out that these games are all from the X360/PS3 era - they've already had HD releases when they first came out. Split/Second and Blur - with the crazy vehicle physics capable today, why would we not want sequels to them?

The other games, all a matter of opinion of course, but... thank you for your ads between every single game. /s

TheDCD2334d ago

Problem with sequels is that they aren't very likely. Activision dropped Blur like a bad habit, and Disney isn't doing games anymore. So I'll happily take the originals.

Relientk772334d ago

Remember Me
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Miss_Weeboo2334d ago

Alan Wake
Lost Odyssey
Demon Souls

TheDCD2333d ago

As much as I'd kill for a Demon's Souls remake, isn't likely. We'll probably get Bloodborne 2 instead.

PhoenixUp2333d ago

Dafuq kinda title is that? These games were already released on HD consoles though...