Epic Games' Bulletstorm Kickin' Response Video

A Hilarious response by epic to a video made at 1up. It has Cliff, the new producer for bulletstorm game Tamya and its skill points everywhere.. only if the game is as fun as the video epic did.. the game is gonna turn out really awesome. Enjoy!!

Also link to the video created by 1up guys.

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snipermk03171d ago

You're kidding me right? That was pathetic and cliffy B just looks like a retarded kid in a candy store.

N4GAddict3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

It was really funny

Cajun Chicken3171d ago

Pretty funny. Not quite sure what the original 1Up one was supposed to be.

jesuisankit3171d ago

Hey I linked the one done by 1up in the article, still pasting the link here again :)

N4GAddict3171d ago

Bulletstorm is looking great

Briefcase Joe3171d ago

Cliff's video was much better.