Examiner Review: Split/Second

"After you've sunk a couple hours into Split/Second, you're struck with an interesting revelation: Several things are missing from this racer. Gone are the mini-maps, the speedometer, and anything resembling a typical racing HUD. There's no emergency brake and no manual transmission. In fact, there isn't even an option to remap your controller. Split/Second is an action-arcade racer to the core,"

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shadowdancer4589d ago

I may just have to pay for this one.

deadreckoning6664589d ago

Judging from the demo, the gameplay is EPIC, but I woulda bought it if it had custom soundtracks for the PS3 and replays of ur races.

DA_SHREDDER4589d ago

They screwed us out of custom soundtracks for the ps3 version again? Im not even gonna give this game a rental anymore. I will just wait for Motorstorm 3 and Criterion's new NFS.

reluctant_gamer4589d ago

Yea, not having any replays definitely dings the final score.

blusoops4589d ago

Modnation has custom soundtracks tho, so i'll be enjoying that racing game instead. Still, good score for split second.

reluctant_gamer4589d ago

The game's soundtrack is sort of classical meets techno, definitely feels like a Disney thing, but alot edgier. Still, being left out in the cold with PS3 soundtracks bites...

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BannedForNineYears4589d ago

Yeah, very few games support cross game music....

reluctant_gamer4589d ago (Edited 4589d ago )

Looks like the site is going in and out...

Pedobear Rocks4589d ago

thoroughly unimpressive. Disappointing after the strong effort on PURE.

killyourfm4589d ago

I'm the author of the review, and also a huge proponent of Pure. The demo didn't do much for me, either, but I'd encourage you to give the full game another look. It's much more comprehensive than the demo shows us. Sometimes demos can actually be detrimental to a game.

Pedobear Rocks4589d ago

I'll wait for a few more reviews and maybe give it a rental.

Why companies put out lacklustre demos is beyond me. You're trying to SELL the game ya dummies.

Thanks for the input.

kasasensei4589d ago

According to another review, this game has an awful AI who is cheating all the time i you're driving too fast. I hate that.

AliTheBrit194589d ago

Will have to go on the back burner for a while! still got Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption to check out.