Joystiq impressions: Legendary: The Box

Legendary: The Box is quite possibly the worst name given to a game with a massive amount of potential. They could have called it Pandora and used one perfect word to describe this first-person shooter in a nutshell -- but they didn't. Thankfully, developer Spark has till Spring of 2008 to change the name. Pandora Legendary: The Box starts with a thief being hired to break into a museum to steal a box. Oops, turns out it's Pandora's box which the thief accidentally activates and all hell breaks loose -- literally. In an incredibly intense scene reminiscent of a Call of Duty or Medal of Honor sequence (coincidentally that's what the developers from Spark worked on previously), the world just plunges into chaos. You'll watch the whole thing happen in real time. It's not a cutscene and from the moment the box is opened you'll attempt to escape the museum, avoid the griffins and run away from a golem created from cars and building parts. If your character stops, he'll die.

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the_round_peg5429d ago

Legendary.... THE BOX (!?!) Worst. Title. Ever

ElementX5429d ago

Yeah, it's right up there with the worst. I'm too lazy to do any research though. LOL

Bazookajoe_835429d ago

I wonder to witch system ;-) A joke to anyone who didnt understand... They should call it pandoras box and something more ex: unleash hell or sins of man or something like that..