ResumePlay Review: Legendary

Stephen Rosenberg writes: "I don't really know where to begin. There is no real storyline…at least for the first couple hours of the game. You start of as some guy in a museum that somehow opens "Pandora's box" (gasp). Upon opening this ancient treasure, all hell breaks loose and you're on a tracked path to get out of the collapsing museum, while mystical powers fill up your meters…and you can never really tell what they are used for. Apparently the meters stand for your magic…or your life….or both? It makes no friggin' sense. You emerge from the museum to see griffins flying about eating people, and you continue your tracked mission getting simple achievement after achievement for walking three steps."

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xabmol4605d ago

Deeaum... Kinda feel sorry for this game. It had a lot of potential.