Now Available: A $10 App Which'll Sync Your Jailbroken iPhone to iTunes Over Wi-Fi

Rosa Golijan of Gizmodo writes:

"Wi-Fi Sync is a clever little app with a self-explanatory name: It allows you to sync your jailbroken iPhone to iTunes over Wi-Fi. While it did not get approved by Apple, it is available in the Cydia store for $10."

AuToFiRE4882d ago

This is an amazing app, it will be available for windows in july


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Resident Evil Village for iPhone will Cost $40, Coming Next Month

The release date and price of Resident Evil Village for iPhone, iPad and Mac has been announced, asking mobile gamers to invest $40 USD.

1nsomniac13h ago

Why anyone would pay that to play something on a phone is beyond me.

VenomUK11h ago

Because people may want to play the game and not everybody has a dedicated console. Give it around seven years when everyone in India or the African nations has a phone that can run games like these and then publishers will be laughing.

The defunct console manufacturers like Xbox and PlayStation not so much.

Kakashi Hatake9h ago

If they have interest in a game that requires this much dedication, chances are they have a console.

Profchaos10h ago

I don't know if these games support touch screen controls I think you need a controller of some form to play it.

If I was commuting for work and owned this phones I'd probably pick it this and a few other games / controller while waiting for the switch 2.

Alexdrew12310h ago

From seeing previews of it running it does have touch controls but the “touch controls” are literally just the buttons of a controller spread randomly around across the screen so they suck

Tacoboto8h ago

If mobile gaming is to evolve beyond F2P MTX crap, someone has to start somewhere.

Delivering two of the best and most-detailed Resident Evil games on mobile without making "Mobile" or "Lite" versions would of course cost higher than expected.

Also, Village and 4 are cross device apps; Village released separately on MacOS but is a single purchase for iPhone and iPad, and RE4 is a single purchase across all three Apple OSes. You're not stuck to just a phone

Shalnark7h ago

They are targeting the normie demograph.. normies = easy $$$
Capcom disgusts more than Konami their greed reached a new level

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Profchaos10h ago

I assume cause re4 is a newer game while village has been out for a few years generally

Kakashi Hatake9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Sorry, phone batteries take up enough with internet, steaming, and messaging. Don't need to degrade the battery further with dedicated games I could be playing in higher quality on console /big screen TV. Phones games are for passing time in lobbies, during travel, or down time at work.

Profchaos2h ago

That's my major concern it's one thing to take a switch traveling if it runs out of batteries it's not a big deal but my phone is also my wallet , license, navigation, authenticator, not to mention the thing I use to contact running out of battery on that is far more of a problem than a dedicated consoles running out of battery

CrimsonWing698h ago

Or remote play it if you already own it.

I’m sorry, but there’s no way in hell I’m paying $40 to play a game on my phone.

goldwyncq7h ago

Well, you're obviously not the target audience for this but a significant number of people, mostly in Asian countries, do their gaming exclusively on phones, so this is a nice gesture.

ravens527h ago

You can hook your phone up to your TV and play that way via controller. I'm never replacing my console with a phone unless is a ps console-phone. But it's cool.

Shalnark8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

This company greediness has reached a new level on smartphone market and people are cheering them up, clown world

VersusDMC7h ago

How is it greedy?

It runs as good as the ps4 version. It will look better and run better than switch games that cost 60. And has a bigger screen than the switch lite.

And if you want buttons there will be several attachment options with different prices.

Just because peggle is under 20$ it doesn't mean every game has to be under 20$...