Puzzle World crashes emerge

Capcom's latest PSP release, Puzzle World, is liable to crash it has emerged, owing to a conflict between the new game and the latest PSP firmware, version 3.5/3.51.

While the problem was spotted and acknowledged over a month ago - and reported on Capcom's news blog - it turns out that the publisher didn't think to fix the problem for the game's PAL release, with the bug included in the game released last week.

The compilation collection is in the main uninhibited by this bug, but it looks like Super Puzzle Fighter II is significantly hindered by the glitch, reports suggesting the game freezes a couple of minutes into play.

"We are aware of this issue, and are working with Sony on possible fixes as quickly as we can," reads the report on the Capcom blog - though it seems a fix couldn't be mustered in time for the PAL release, despite the delay.

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