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IGN writes:

Pity the poor construction workers of Velocity, home to the reality TV show that's at the centre of Disney and Black Rock's volatile racer Split/Second. Every day they go to work, building shimmering shopping centres, towering concrete masts and expansive warehouses, only to see them blown up, brought down or smashed into submission. It's a cruel loop for sure, but it does make for some uniquely exhilarating action.

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drdistracto7074701d ago

looking good!

loved the demo, will definitely pick this one up when i get RDR

avengers19784701d ago

Demo was a ton of fun even though it is short.
I can't wait to get online and race with other people. If that works well it will be a top game this year.

SixTwoTwo4701d ago

Yeah the demo was great

alphakennybody4701d ago

Was very underwhelmed by the demo, shouldn't have played it. I was totally looking forward to this too, rental it is then.

trounbyfire4701d ago

OMG you get to make shortcuts. really that the big selling point. get blur if you want car destruction because this game is just another generic racer

morkendo4701d ago

when i first seen the vid. i was EXTREMELY EXCITED but then notice power-ups?? WTF!! what is this MARIO KART high-speed. seriously thought this game would re-place NFS but sadly will not.

BeaArthur4701d ago

The demo was pretty cool but also repetitive. I might check this one out when it hits the bargain bin.

Blaze9294701d ago

completely agree. Not sure how this is a 8.7/10 kind of game but whatever - one man's opinion.

iceman064700d ago (Edited 4700d ago )

The repetition comes from the mechanism of the game, for sure. However, they have talked about so many modes aside from just the Split/Second schtick. Seems like there will be and 12 episodes (guessing that each episode represents a certain style of race per track it looks like 6 is the magic number) Looks like 72 total races for completion. Plus, I think there will be some strategy involved in the way you deploy your major and minor triggers. That being said, I don't have the money for it AND it will be purchased later...but I am NO LESS excited having played the demo several times over.

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The story is too old to be commented.