E3 2007: Hands-on with Devil May Cry 4

The focus on DMC4, as with previous games in the series, remains fast-paced, hard-hitting combo-oriented asskicking. The demo sampled at the show featured some basic exploration and granted a few basic abilities to help Destructoid along, chief among them the "devil bringer" arm, new to Devil May Cry 4.

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gunnerforlife5430d ago

wats w=rong with me ever since they anounced it for the 360 as well its like i aint looking forword too this game:( and i used too be such a big dmc fan:(. is it just me or r other people feeling like that:(

boi5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

ur nto the only 1...

but for me its a diff story its not because im a fanboy that DMC4 not becoming exclusive to PS3 only turned me off but because it got downhill from DMC 3(my opinion) and i guess a lil bit of it going multiplatform too...i mean yea its fun for awhile but not the same feeling as DMC 1 or even to me its just brings nothing new to the play element to me when this was 1st anounce for the PS3 exclusive i didn't really payed much attention to it lol

but for these who never played DMC series b4...hell its a good fighting element to u 360 owners and i would recommend this to u all who never play this b4 but to me well not much change from the previous DMC series lol

Ghoul5430d ago


but htat has nothing to do with the 360 but with with Multiplatform.
I HATE multiplatform games normally couse in some way they suffer faaaar to much from optimisation so it works on all platforms rather mediocre than great on one system

Bloodmask5430d ago

Can't wait for part 4. The only one that I didn't like was part 2.

darkdoom30005430d ago

@ post 1:
I fell egsactly the same way... i dont feel excited anymore..... i mean the Ps3 and xbox versions are going to be the same... the main character is nero....dante looks older...vergil is dead(probally not) sixaxis support.....dont get weapons by defeating bosses.....the devil


SuperSaiyan45430d ago

Even though I still got a PS3 and 360 I still think it should have stayed on the Playstation you know some games that were PS games just feel right staying on that system.

Anyways I watched the trailers and it doesn't look all that impressive could do with some more polys but I will get this I reckon at some point but for the 360 cos of the achievemants hehehehe.

Bullseye5430d ago

wish it had stayed on the PS3.

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