Why Does President Obama Hate Video Games?

PS3 Informer writes:

"Does the president need to be reminded that Microsoft, an American company, employs 53,000 people here in the United States? Has he seen that revenues generated by the video game industry topped 20 billion USD this year, at a time when other major industries were closing their factory doors and laying off employees? Perhaps, in an era of declining job prospects in manufacturing and services, it might not be a bad idea for little Jimmy to pick up that Xbox or PlayStation controller after all."

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clinker3266d ago

I agree that it doesn't make sense to complain about video games when the industry employs so many Americans! That's like dissing McDonalds, WalMart, or Phillip Morris. Oh wait...

Hellsvacancy3266d ago

He probaly doesnt care personally but needs 2 look as if he does

presto7173265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Its for all those panties-in-bunch parents that just want to blame video games on everything wrong with today's society.

Kid jumps off building = video games
High school shooting = video games
Rape / Murder / Theft = video games
Failing in school = video games

Like seriously WTF!!!! If these parents DID BETTER JOBS and looked after their kids better, they wouldn't be b*tching so much about video games.

Next up will probably be movies, then music, then reproduction. Then humans will go extinct. All because of them....

LoVeRSaMa3265d ago

Video games just take away from time kids could be learning to do something useful, I am a pretty hardcore gamer, I know if I put the same effort into lets say an instrument or learning to programme then id be amazing..

I know this but I don't care :D

RememberThe3573265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

So when he says that people should eat healthier he's not "dissing" McDonalds?

I can't believe that you guys are being so damn simple. It's sounding like some of you guys need to heed his words because your ability to analyze is horrible. He's talking about how we are getting bombarded with information. And he is warning that could be dangerous. He's not threatening any industry or saying that people should play game consoles or not use iPods, just that we needs to be conscious of how we receive info.

Jesus, it's not hard people...

@40cal: That doesn't support their point so they are going to conveniently forget that.

Strikepackage Bravo3265d ago

you don't have problem with a government official telling you that you are getting "too much information" ??? You can never be too informed.

Only a president that does NOT want you to know certain things would be worried about the citizens getting too much information. At one time it was wise to get as much info as you could and simply sort the crap from the good info. That is our right as individuals to stay as informed as we want, believe what we want. Obama just doesn't want us to know too much because if we do, we know that he is trying to change this country in a way that no one has done before him, and not for the better.

Kratos Spartan3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Obama is bringing change, just like he said. It's just not good change like most thought. Forced Healthcare? Fined if you don't have it. Just like auto insurance. And soon, just like cars in most states, your home must have some kind of inspection approval before you can sell it. Our rights are slowly being dwindled away as Americans. Suddenly it's not so free if everything is being forced upon us.

Parapraxis3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Do some of you people ONLY get your "information" from FOX news?
Kratos Spartan FFS, Fined if you don't have health care? That's Apparently true, but still, that's 4 whole years to get some form of coverage.
Strikepackage Bravo, you seriously NEED information that is good, because it seems to me all you are getting into your head (under that tinfoil hat) is mis-information.

Thanks to RememberThe357 for actually talking a little sense. And having the ability to COMPREHEND basic ideas.

@Kratos Spartan , LOL yes "SON" your home must have some kind of inspection approval before you can sell it, as has been the case for many many years.

RememberThe3573265d ago

Do you understand that all perception is the intake and process of information? He's not saying, "don't go out and inform yourself." We are constantly being told this, or shown that. The media showers us from the moment we wake up to the moment we goto sleep. And instead of taking time to contemplate it we just take it in and move on to some more stimulation. That is not healthy and does not foster critical thinking skills. You obviously don't like Obama and that is fine, but your arguments against him are weak at best and mostly unfounded. I suggest to take time to actually think about these issues instead of just regurgitating what you've heard, like Tron (below). Because it is obvious you haven't read or understood what he is saying.

Kratos Spartan3265d ago

Yes, fined. Look it up. $95 for the first year, and I believe it's around $600 for every year after that. By 2014. If you don't have it, you will be fined. You just made yourself look like a fool. Please look it up. Read about it. If you live in America. I'm not pulling numbers out of my ass on this one, son. This stuff is about to get serious.

Darkstorn3265d ago

@Kratos Spartan-
Your home DOES need to be inspected before you can put it on the market...INFORM YOURSELVES PEOPLE!

butterfinger3265d ago

Every last American should be terrified of any government official that tells us that we have too much information available to us. He should be praising iPads and other devices that allow us to have full access to all different kinds of arguments or ideals. Any normal American would understand this, but people like Parapraxis will defend every last thing President Obama does whether they know what they are talking about or not. Their only defense is to accuse you of only getting your information from Fox News. I guess it would be better if we only had one national news service as President Obama clearly wants. Between this and "spread the wealth", it's sad that no one cares. If George W. Bush had said this, the media and most of the morons on the internet would be calling for his head. Instead, I'll just shed another tear for my once great country.

Parapraxis3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

To improve (not I didn't say fix as that's still a long way off) the embarrassment of a health care system in the US there were 2 choices.
Raise taxes, or fine those who don't get themselves covered.
The plan would have never gone through with a tax hike, so I guess that leaves option #2.

Maybe butterfinger has a better Idea for how the health care system could have been improved without the individuals taxes raising as it has in every other country when things like health care, retirement, education and the likes are augmented.

It's baffling to me to see so many people hating a government and a president who is trying to make their country BETTER.
It's a fu**ing shame really.

But if you're going to pick a bone with him, pick the right battles, Health care isn't one of them, nor is his initiative to encourage people to live healthier and look out for their kids.
Bailing out the banks is a valid issue to take with him, as is don't ask don't tell, but health care and education?
You've gotta be..well, un-educated or maybe the better word is ill-educated.

Biggest3265d ago

I am ashamed to be in the company of people that think the way some of you do. Did you even listen to the speech? Do you understand anything that was said? It doesn't seem like you do. The president is a concerned citizen. He can see the danger in the information overload. He dealt with and continues to deal with it right now. Does anyone remember the "debate" before the healthcare system was "improved"? There are millions of Americans that believe to this day that there is a clause in there that kills babies. Did you know that our president is actually a Muslim from Nigeria and plans on giving our country to Al Qaeda? Millions heard it and believe it. Some people here believe that DVD has more than enough space for high definition games. The president, and I, believe that it would be beneficial for people that believe most of what they hear to try them out first. Go learn how to make a real high definition video game. Do better research on the background of the man that holds our nation's highest elected office. Read the laws and regulations that our policy makers put forth. Don't get angry because someone calls attention to a possible problem. Find out why they have a "problem" if they even have one.

"With iPods and iPads; Xboxes and PlayStations -- none of which I know how to work -- information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation," Obama said.

"All of this is not only putting new pressures on you. It is putting new pressures on our country and on our democracy," Obama said.

There you have it. He says that iPods/Pads and video games are a distraction, a diversion, and entertainment. Is he wrong? They are exactly that. Do you use your 360 to further your education? Does my PS3 offer me anything in the way of money making or job producing. The answer, in case you are confused, is a resounding no. Stop being dumb. Enjoy your video games. But don't be dumb. You won't find many of the people that push our country forward spending their days on video game websites trying to get the latest news on the rumored possibilities for E3. They have better things to do with their time. They don't need distractions, diversions, or entertainment when they're going what the president hopes the young adults he was speaking to will do.

The_Zeitgeist3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

He is making the point that we are in an age of so much information that it is hard for people to tell the difference between fact and fiction. There is a lot of BS out there on all sides. How is it that you think so many people buy the theory that our government is run by satanic mason's that decended from ancient reptilian egyptians, which in reality decended from the the 5th nebula gozerpron.

Bigpappy3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

The prez is right to remind kids that playing video games can not be the most important part of their lives. The article should be ashame of putting corporate profit ahead of the education of our kids. We need as many smart kids as we can get, who can come along and dethrown M$ and Sony, not just grow up to be corporate slaves and hope they get paid enough to buy a meal and have some where to sleep. Obama seems to share my view that People should own corporations, not corporations owning the people.
The Prez never said once that kids should no be alowed to play games. Just mentioned the negative aspect of too much gaming for our young people and the hater see that as and opportunity to sway a few gulloble game against the Prez by saying he hates video games. Sound more like he hates poor kids with great patential westing away evey minuite of they precious time killing zombies instead of learning how to create their own. Most gamers like myself who know how to moderate, also know that the Prez is dead on in telling kids to learn how to moderate or they will not be as succesful as they can be.

dizzleK3265d ago

watch The Obama Deception on youtube. alex jones ftw.

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40cal3265d ago

Did he not support LBP as an educational tool?

I guess that Obama dose not dislike all games.

Strikepackage Bravo3265d ago

games were fine when he was advertising in them to get elected as well.

What I find most insulting about his remarks is that he thinks people cannot handle sorting all the information out themselves and determining what is good and what is bad, he thinks we can't handle the truth, and we can't handle lies. Obama loves to treat all Americans like children, not just young people. I don't need him to tell me what to eat, what light bulbs to use, how to spend my money or help me get health insurance.

Biggest3265d ago

Strikepackage Bravo, you seem to be offended by something that you're proving to be true.

"What I find most insulting about his remarks is that he thinks people cannot handle sorting all the information out themselves and determining what is good and what is bad, he thinks we can't handle the truth, and we can't handle lies. Obama loves to treat all Americans like children, not just young people. I don't need him to tell me what to eat, what light bulbs to use, how to spend my money or help me get health insurance."

He didn't say much of what you said he said. He doesn't treat anyone like you say he treats Americans. But the fact that you're hurt by someone telling you that there are safer, more cost effective alternatives for living a full and healthy life says a lot about you. When people like you end up in my hospital without insurance I get a nice chuckle. Yes, I will still treat you as I would anyone else. But I chuckle.

KingME3265d ago

The clowns at could also use a dose of common sense, Or are they just trying to get people all lathered up for no reason. The fact that this is how PS3 informer saw this lends directly to what the president is saying.

If you are below voting age, I'm not talking to you, because you probably don't have a clue what the point is anyway and I know there's no reasoning with you, because 17-20 year olds are the smartest people on the

Try to read to understand rather than refute and you will comprehend a lot more than you thought you could.

AEtherbane3265d ago

I dont think Obama has hatred towards videogames, but sees that they are a huge influence on our youth, like us, and for some can be a problem. maybe he has some disdain, but come on, he says he plays Wii with his family. I think Obama has legitimate complains against Video Games, maybe its not us who fail because of them, but for every one person who does, thats a problem.
And by the way, he's just advising them to be used less; in moderation, not ban them or anything, he so against censorship so he wouldn't consider that.

Darkstorn3265d ago

This article was written by an idiot. Obama never said that he hated video games, he is criticizing the marginalization of information in our society.

Christopher3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

He doesn't hate video games. He hates that parents let their kids play too many video games instead of focusing on their education, outdoor activities, and the importance of current events in politics and the world..

marinelife93265d ago

No he's insulting our intelligence by saying we're too stupid to know the truth from a lie. Soooo we should just believe what he says?

Why does he spend so much time attacking the media rather than just correcting the so called "lies" with true information? He attacks the person or sets up a strawman rather than refuting the claims.

This comes from the same group that didn't want anyone to read the stimulus bill, the omnibus bill, or the 2,400 page health care legislation so they rushed it all through.
When people did finally read it and complained Obama claimed that what they read wasn't true (Sounds like some posters above me).

Arizona releases a bill that's only 16 pages and Obama refuses to read that one and tells people who actually read the legislation that they are the one's misinformed or worse racist.

Christopher3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

***No he's insulting our intelligence by saying we're too stupid to know the truth from a lie.***

Seriously? Look at all the fanboy wars here and how misinformed most people are about games in general and honestly tell me that a huge portion of the population is unable to discern the truth from a lie.

Heck, look at general politics today, which is comprised of lies and half-truths in order to sell the American population on their personal ideals.

People for the most part don't look for truth, they look for something that supports their personal ideals and something they believe they can rally behind.

People are stupid. Plain and simple.

As far as your complaints about people comprehending the health care legislation... yeah, I'm going to agree with him on this one. Death panels? Wanting to kill old people? The crap people came up with to scare the public into not wanting the health care bill was ridiculous and done on purpose with lies to server their own agenda. They used fear tactics like that instead of better ideas because the people don't go for the boring old truth, they go for extremist comments that give their daily lives the necessary drama to keep them talking about the people who are screwing their lives over one day at a time.

LoVeRSaMa3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )


MNicholas3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

1) The message was aimed at idiot parents who would rather leave their kids in front of the TV or computer to play games or look at porn all day than actually be parents (you know, set rules and follow through on consequences, sit with kids doing homework, encourage academic excellence, etc...).

That's the pathetic reality, you and I both know it, and he was addressing that.

2) Why are people talking about healthcare? N4G means News 4 Gamers, not News 4 Geriatrics.

In any case, since someone already brought it up, what Obama did with healthcare was increase coverage to nearly 100% with almost no increase in total cost. That's pretty damned impressive. If we got a public option we'd have actually significantly cut costs as well and also improved coverage even more.

Countries like France, UK , etc... get far better health care and pay about half as much (net including premiums, taxes, deductibles, etc...).

That's why Palin used to cross the border to Canada to fraudulently receive free health care meant for Canadians.

You people need to actually leave the US and experience another country before blabbing about how great stuff is here.

Until the healthcare bill passed, America was the only country in the world where someone could be denied health care for being a victim of domestic abuse.

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Tron_Rocks3265d ago

He will say whatever he thinks he think will get him votes next time around.... I HOPE TO GOD he a 1 term wonder. This country will be paying for his mistakes for many many year to come..

oldskoolgamer3265d ago

Your right cause were definetetly not paying for those awesome 8 years of bush tyranny

Megaton3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

That's what kills me about people who think Obama is destroying America with his "socialist, communist, nazi, Stalin, Kenyan, terrorist, Maoist" agenda. It's hard for me to even imagine how someone can become so indoctrinated with neo-con propaganda. FOX News running through their veins.

Strikepackage Bravo3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

You dont have to watch Fox News to know Obama is screwing up everything he touches, you just need to do a little research, or actually understand how the world, free markets, politics, and the Chicago machine works.

If you just watch CNN and Jon Stewart for your news, you don't have any clue what is going on in the world. Even liberals are admitting that Obama has fumbled a lot of stuff.

How is mandating that we all buy health insurance from "evil" insurance companies, fixing the "evil" insurance company problem, isn't that just making them richer? But Obama gets to claim he gave everyone health insurance, when infact he just made it law that everyone has to buy it!?!?!? WTF? And you want 2 terms of this joke of a president?

The_Zeitgeist3265d ago

I hear you on the health care front. The dems and obama are all a bunch of juicy woman parts. We should have gotten universal health care. But on your point you must realize that Obama is hooking about 30 million people up with health care that under the current system they never would have had. With that said though I have to let everyone know that I was watching The Real News Network on youtube and they did a video that showed how obama's admin is filled with deficit hawks that will begin to cut entitlements soon. They are planning on cutting social security and medicare. People need to wake up and realize that they should take no side in government. Both sides are after the same goal. They are controlled by corporations. Welcome to The Corporate States of America.

dizzleK3265d ago

i didn't see george bush wanting to eliminate miranda rights for citizens like obama does. i don't see obama repealing the patriot act, in fact he extended it. i don't see our troops coming home do you? in fact he sent more.

bush and obama are simply 2 sides of the same NWO worshipping coin. go watch The Obama Deception on youtube and inform yourself.

Megaton3265d ago

I completely agree on the health care bit. The government botched that whole bill. I'd say it was all because of making concessions to the Republican hive mind, but both sides are bought and paid for by the insurance industry so the whole thing was a facade since the beginning. Should have been universal coverage, or a "public option" if they planned on forcing people into insurance.

I'm not loyal or supportive of any particular politician. Successful politicians are just people who can shovel shit better than their opponents. There isn't an honest bone in their bodies. I just can't stand the way these so-called conservatives today act as if Obama is bringing down the rapture, when his incompetence pales in comparison to our previous president's. It drives me crazy how someone could have absolutely no recognition of recent history, largely thanks to Fox warping everything that happens in the world to fit a very precise agenda.

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RememberThe3573265d ago

Because reading that comment just seems like your regurgitating something you heard said and not something you actually understand or believe.

Darkstorn3265d ago

@Strikepackage Bravo-
I think it's patriotic to try to make our country a better place. Let's increase our standard of living, grant everyone healthcare, and have fully taxpayer-funded college educations.

And for the record, CNN is NOT liberal, in fact, it's moderately conservative (Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, and Pat Buchanan all used to host shows on that network. Name a true liberal who has done the same).

The_Zeitgeist3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

CNN is not liberal. They are just a megaphone for any message any politician feels like spouting on any given day. Why trust a news system where reporting basically relies on a reporter taking every politician at their word. And what is even more sad is that CNN is failing because they refuse to take part in smut politics like Fox and MSNBC.

MysticStrummer3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Sorry but if this article is referring to what I think it is (I can't read it with this damn PS3 web browser and that's all I have at the moment), then Obama is right. Videogames can be a powerful distraction and Obama simply made that point to a group of students. Maybe the person who wrote this article should wake up and notice that the US is falling behind intellectually. Little Jimmy should put down the controller and learn something every once in awhile instead of repelling yet another imaginary alien invasion.

-Alpha3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Though I don't think video games are the sole cause they are a very big and significant distraction to kids. Intellectual thinking continues to suffer and lack of education is disheartening and video games play a role in that. Stupid parents fail to discipline their kids and kids are too ignorant to see how good they have it when they go to school. They take their education for granted and rot away their minds. It's evident from fanboyism that people lack the ability to think anyway.

And it's not just video games. Cell phones, texting, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.-- way too many distractions that aren't controlled. Eventually you take responsibility and you have the self will to discipline yourself but video games are such an easy thing for parents to stop but it doesn't happen.

JeepGamer3265d ago

We are falling behind academically and we still would be without video games. The reason we have falling behead is because our school system and the people that work in it are increasingly worthless. A long time ago we got in to this sniveling mentality that we're going to hurt somebodies feelings if we give them failing grades.

You will notice that other countries do not suffer from this problem they have a "Do your very best or get the hell out" mentality.

Kratos Spartan3265d ago

But little Jimmy is just preparing for the Real Alien Invasion that is to come. And by the time that happens, you probably will be able to shoot something with a controller of some sort. Probably with the Move 7, complete with 3 glowing spheres.

blu_yu_away3265d ago

We may be falling behind intellectually, but when that inevitable zombie apocalypse breaks out we'll see who falls behind then.

fenix13003265d ago

Keep in mind that for the purpose of developing new technologies and tech jobs in general, the American Engineer is still the most innovative (According to a study done by intel). but a few years ago, I think 2008, there was a statistic that showed that there are more Honors Students in India than there are Students in US. So what you're saying is still very true, its just we are not at the point where we are completely behind other countries.

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xalexon3265d ago

The tobbaco industry employs more Americans than even video games. And forget americans, on a worldwide scale it gives work to even MORE people. But if it was up to le I would rather not have this industry. Sure it makes us money but it's definitely detrimental to people. I think that's what Obama means when he dissed our industry. I'm sure he's well aware of the massive revenue but it definitely isn't helping kids in school is it?
Still, I probably wouldn't go a day without my games :D

3265d ago