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joydestroy3270d ago

the date is unknown so this isn't news

samich20073270d ago

I think it was a mistake from EA Holland to already send out the release date. The release date was in the official press release, but 1h later i've received a new message from EA Holland that it was a 'mistake' :P Yea Sure xD

joydestroy3270d ago

ha nice =D
i guess we'll get confirmation soon

DJexs3270d ago

It is to news just incorrectly titled and when it was posted it was dated.

if the dates are that far apart:
it is just great Microsoft has bought out EA and Dice officially it really seems like DICE is refusing to release the DR P dlc to the ps3 and pc users now it is giving xbots the gamemode 2 weeks earlier.

Short Version: SCREW YOU EA DICE

Dellis3270d ago

This better free, remember they said their DLC will be free?

DavidMacDougall3270d ago

Maps will be free is what i heard.

BeaArthur3270d ago

I think they said they weren't going to charge for multiplayer maps. This however is a new game mode. Either way it's weak if they charge for it but it's a loop hole.

Dnied3270d ago

They said their extra maps will be free.

wicko3270d ago

It's not free, coming from someone on the DICE forums (an employee).

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sgw_dec0y3270d ago

There is a link somewhere floating on the comments of the same article on N4G(go to main page look down 5-6 stories). I am suprised this got through pending due to it really being a duplicate

Fanb0y3270d ago

I'd expect about 10 monies. It's 4 reworked maps for this mode, right?

booni33270d ago

They shouldnt charge us. make it VIP. This pay for dlc stuff is really getting out of hand and pocket.

Dnied3270d ago

Agreed. I can tolerate paying once and a while for bc2 because it's so great but the worst example by far is Capcom's idea of bringing out a 5 dollar (2 map) mappack BEFORE the game even hit shelves.. I don't even own the game yet and I'm basically going to have to pay 5 dollars or the community will be split. WTF

booni33270d ago

I mean, tell me if its just me, but they should just give us the game mode. Why wasnt it included with my sixty dollars dammit!?! they should be giving the mode away since we could now argue that we got Nickel and dimed on a game mode that should have been included on the disc.

Dnied3270d ago

Absolutely not just you, this is the age of DLC and it REALLY starts to add up.

I'm hoping this hurts them in the long run as gamers are going to have to pick and choose. More than they already do.

maxcer3270d ago

BC1 didn't have any paid DLC, so i have faith in DICE keeping it that way. i think it included additional maps and the conquest mode.

ps- the SPECACT kits are pretty much class skins even though its a paid/promo by EA/dr.pepper

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