A PlayStation Move Photo Shoot

James Gallagher, Content Producer at SCEE, writes:

"While much of the community response I read here and in the official PlayStation Forums is to do with playing games and asking about new titles or features, there’s a fair amount of interest in how PlayStation products are marketed.

That used to surprise me but, the longer I work at SCEE, the more I realised how much passion our hardcore fans invest in the brand and how it is perceived in the wider gaming world."

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Hideo_Kojima3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

very well with their ads since ps3 slim launched
This way the adverts will have more true gaming spirit.

booni33267d ago

Reminds one of the house from the tester.

TANUKI3267d ago

Looks... interesting actually.

Though, the comments on that other site are pretty vicious.

Tilian3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Just make sure Kevin Butler is in it, and it will win.

viperfx3267d ago

Dont think il be buying this. Im not really a fan on motion sensors, it worked on the wii because of the games it had. If existing titles were tried to be played on this dont think it will work out so great. Sony probs need to roll a series of "move" compatible games. Waste of money in my eyes.

Doc Sony3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

I think you mean: "it sucks on the Wii because of the games it had"

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