Clive Barkers Jericho

In the game you are part of 'The Department of Occult Warfare' (D.O.W) a United States government operation that monitors and investigates supernatural events. During World War 2 Nazi Germany was suspected to be developing supernatural weapons, the D.O.W was formed to investigate and put a stop to anyone utilizing the dark arts. It wasn't long before the D.O.W found that Hitler wasn't just trying to create such weapons but was actually doing so by any means necessary. So when an unusual sandstorm hits the city of Al-Khali and all communication breaks down between the Department and the citizen's they have no choice but to send in you and your highly-trained team.

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Rhezin5427d ago

LOL YES 360 comes out on top once again. It's just facts people, the 360 controller is just 1st person shooter made.

ChanDangle5427d ago

You've made yourself look like an idiot once again!

Bloodmask5426d ago

and the trailer for this game looked really impressive. Gory and scary.

I will definately be picking this one up.