Review : Mario Strikers Charged

"As well as the usually exhibition type matches and tutorials, Mario Strikers offers up some interesting options for single player gamers. The main single player event is the 'Road to the Strikers Cup' mode, which basically sees you playing through three different tournaments to earn the Fire, Chrystal and Striker trophies. The tournaments are split in to the play-offs, elimination and final rounds culminating in a final showdown against who over the current champion is. When you are finished here you can choose to play through a series of challenges which range from not allowing your opponent to score in a game or coming back from a large deficit, the challenges are varied which will make you want to finish them all."

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jadura4504112d ago

That one almost flew under my radar next to the big 3, I guess I'll pick it up.

DarkJedi4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

What the...
This game's been out for well over a month now (in the UK, at least) and people are posting reviews still?

Good game and all, but it's old news now surely?

elenamylove4111d ago


This game has not been released in the US yet. I will be picking this one up when it does.