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JasonPC360PS3Wii5427d ago

I wonder how many copies this game will sell? Even Droids drool over this.

the_round_peg5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

the disappointing piece-of-crap that is living off its past success and really does not deserve to sell millions of copies.

FCOLitsjustagame5427d ago

No one has played the actual finished halo game yet so how does anyone know if it is good or not. I thought the first one was ok and I actually liked the second one better. I suspect the third one will be good also, of course I wont claim I know this as I never have played it. But it seems like it will be solid like the last two.

Mass effect also looks good, quite good. Its a different type of game though with a different style so I am not sure halo is a good comparison. Not sure what would be a good comparison for this game. Maybe Oblivion.

TheMART-sucksdick5427d ago

Killzone 2 kills this game with graphics!!!!

razer5427d ago

You need to get yourself some glasses.. Mass Effect is gorgeous compared to KZ2, not to mention the gameplay is a million times deeper than a freakin FPS.

I watched some of the gameplay video for KZ2 where he switched a button and then shot a large tower.. Wow, malee a control panel than shoot the tower..Real deep gameplay there pal.. Not even in the same league as Mass Effect.

I don't understand while you are even in here commmenting fanboy besides to start an arguement.

ALI G5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

mass effect amazing in term of graphic,gameplay,art style....made by the legendary BioWare and it coming this year not 2008 like that piece of sh1t kill-shown 1.mass effect use TP prospective while KS1 use FP o it like comparing orange,mass effect, to crap apple,KS1, .have lookat KS1:

Halo was never about graphic and will never be about graphic.when Halo 2 came out many said it did not have big improvement over Halo 1 in term of graphic, but it offered huge improvement over the first one in term of gameplay and sold over 8 million compared to over 5 million for the first one.Halo is the game give Live/xbox a chance to stand.Halo for xbox/xboxlive is like Ken Kutaragi for Playstation. graphic are important part of the game but graphic only will never make AAA title,shony should learned that from last round killshown 1 vs halo 2.killshone 2 is still has alot to prove and improve:the first thing is the Super crap A.I which just run around and sAY"PLEASE ,PLEASE KILL ME". what type of shooting game you do not have to take cover in???? it is KILL-SHOWN ,even in halo 2 which released in 2004 enemies take cover....oh pre pre pre pre killshone wih what coming with it in 2008 TOO HUMAN,ALAN AWAKE..and do not forget we have yet to see what Peter Jackson doing in the Halo universe


i feel happy for ps3 sanboys, at least they can finally say we have one game with good half level graphic,even if everyone else know it crap and it coming 2008,that they can barely compare it with the 1 years old game GEARS OF WAR.

Blue Dragon,Bioshock,Halo3,PGR4,Los t odessy,Splinter cell convection,MAss effect best holiday exclusive line up ever ,We do not have to wait till 2008 to get 1 good game.MGS4 ..........

Rowland5427d ago

Killzone 2 is a great looking game & will be one of the best of it's type but in terms of gameplay is relatively simple button pressing that allows you to kill people & blow things up. & that's it.
The FPS genre is generally aimed at kids/teenagers.

Mass Effect (Action RPG) is for the more advanced gameplayer where you still get fast & furious action but you also get a whole lot more for your money ie.. make important multi-directional choices, grow your character, a decent story with twists to unravel etc. Crucially all great RPG's feature vast open worlds where exporation & discovery is far more satisfying than being pushed down the linier levels & missions of First Person Shooters.

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360RULEZ5427d ago

i cant wait to play it on my Xbox 360.

at least we're sure it's 100% in-game .. 0% CGI

Daxx5427d ago

ZoMG! Space zombie! So that's what they look like, cool.

Mr VideoGames5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )



MASS EFFFECT will *DESTROY* Killzone2, Heavenly Sword & Lair all by itself, while HALO 3 rakes in more sales than ALL 3 of those PS3 games combined. Watch & Learn. Even though graphics DO NOT make a game, MASS EFFECT is going to look incredible, especially considering the sheer size of this game on a Blura... oh, excuse me, I mean DVD9 disc.

Hell, I think COD4 & even BIOSHOCK will be a better game than Killzone, & BIOSHOCK comes out next month ! It has better graphics, touts gameplay we have ACTUALLY SEEN, & is a much more original idea.

IMHO, the best games coming are:

1. MASS EFFECT (Did someone say KOTOR in HD ?)
2. COD4 (looks absolutely incredible with proven gameplay)
3. HALO 3 (proven franchise that will sell millions)
4. BIOSHOCK (originality & sick graphics)
5. ASSASSIAN'S CREED (looks ubercool !)
6. GRAND THEFT IV ('nuff said.)
7. DRAKE'S FORTUNE (could be the best game for PS3 in 2008)
8. METAL GEAR 4 (will we ever see gameplay footage ?)
9. DARK SECTOR (has alot of potential)
10. TOO HUMAN (I have high hopes for online co-op & gameplay)

I'll take my least favorite TOO HUMAN OR DARK SECTOR over Heavenly Sword AND Lair ! Now, need I say it.... FLAME ON !!!

Rowland5427d ago

agreed, but you missed off Two Worlds - which should be in the top 3 !

Daxx5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

Who gives a f*ck about graphics. Mass Effect will slaughter everything in terms of gameplay.

Edit: Well I do like nice graphics but at the end of the day it's all about the gameplay.

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