E3 2007: Mercenaries 2: Developer Walkthrough Pt. 3(HD)

With a multitude of vehicles at your disposal GameTrailers takes a look at the destruction that they can cause.

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JPomper4166d ago

This is easily one of my most anticipated games. Online co-op is going to rock and it's all about pure destruction.

thereapersson4166d ago

I just hope they can manage to make the structure demolition a little more realistic, as all the buildings seem to have the same collapsing animation.

Otherwise this game looks friggin' sweet!

JPomper4166d ago

Physics-based demolitions would be awesome, I was thinking the same thing.

Also, he looked pretty invincible the whole time he was playing it. I hope that's just for showing the demo and the actual game is a bit more difficult. Let's just hope the enemy AI is good.

thereapersson4166d ago

He was in developer mode, which probably means he could take damage but not die.

Either that or the game is still in its buggy pre-alpha stage and the bullets didn't register when they hit the top of his head or upper body.

TruthHurts4166d ago

but everytime i see it i keep liking it more.
it looks like they elimated some of the problems of the 1st MERCS.