X3F hands-on: Viva Pinata: Party Animals

Xbox 360 Fanboy goes hands-on with Viva Pinata: Party Animals for the Xbox 360.

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Bloodmask4165d ago

like it could be a fun game. Glad to see that Micro is trying to expand their fan base into other areas.

The thing that was kind of strange though is that this game isn't made by Rare.

drtysouf214165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

and now ladies and gentlemen take a look at this

see how he changed his also.

He called me desperate, truly said and pathetic yet look at
what he was doing himself. Don't let him fool you he is
the biggest anti Sony person on this site just look at his old
comments all his submitted stories and all the sony hating articles
he posts that end up in the failed section. Here's a funny one
he tried to post

if you notice those screen shots they say press L2 on one of them
which clearly lets you know they are PS3 shots taken from the PS3
of IGN.

marionz4165d ago

may as well be made by rare, they have given chrome all the data to make the game...kinda makes me wonder what rare is working on other then banjo kazooie!
either way this is the kind of game im looking for to kill some hours when im in the mood for a good party game, i cant wait!

now we need rare party, like mario party but with conker banjo kameo some pinatas and ghoulies maybe even jo dark! sweet!