Crysis : E3 2007 Developer Walkthrough Part 3

The third part of the developer walkthrough of Crysis shows combat up-close and personal with your enemies.

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WhEeLz4933d ago

Its hilarious how he just throws the guy like it wasnt nothing....loo

Maldread4933d ago

Hehe yeah, the grapple mechanic seemed very fun for this game, as did the rest of it. I think it will become one of the best FPS-games out there, with Half-Life 2, Halo 3 and perhaps Killzone 2.

id dot entity4933d ago

Well I sure know why I am buying a new PC. Damn this game looks awesome!

MaximusPrime4933d ago

too many 1st person shooter games coming out. it is getting wierd.

btw - Crysis is the best so far due to the graphic they use. I wonder if they will make one for PS3.

unbiased4933d ago

best game ever made in the last 20 years.