E3 2007: Jenga gameplay video

A Jenga videogame doesn't sound that interesting, but Atari is developing a Jenga game for the Nintendo Wii & DS. Check out the video.

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Bloodmask5427d ago

seems like it would be perfectly suited for the Wii-mote. It would be hec of a lot of fun as a party game.

drtysouf215427d ago

and now ladies and gentlemen take a look at this

see how he changed his also

He called me desperate, truly said and pathetic yet look at
what he was doing himself. Don't let him fool you he is
the biggest anti Sony person on this site just look at his old
comments all his submitted stories and all the sony hating articles
he posts that end up in the failed section. Here's a funny one
he tried to post

if you notice those screen shots they say press L2 on one of them
which clearly lets you know they are PS3 shots taken from the PS3
of IGN.

techie5427d ago

just no, what a waste of time

ChickeyCantor5427d ago

isnt every game just to " waste" time?
( and of course have some fun and its no doubts some will have fun with this)

techie5427d ago

No because you can buy the real thing for peanuts...and enjoy it more. Really the whole fun of this game is pulling the blocks out and then having them fall on you....this just doesnt translate to a videogame.

ChickeyCantor5427d ago

But thats you, there are people who will like this.

ITR5427d ago

Yeah, but it's a hassle to put the tower back together again after 1 play.

I really dig the sndtrk.

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ad4mb5427d ago

why would I want to play this on a console when i can play the real thing.(which isn't great anyway)

ChickeyCantor5427d ago

Because maybe they have added some unrealistic modes?
which couldn't be done in real life?
Heil 1 and 0's.

ad4mb5427d ago

Ye but who buys a console to play jenga.

ChickeyCantor5427d ago

SO jenga is the only game to buy for the Wii?
...because you are saying that people will only get a Wii just for jenga.

ad4mb5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

No im saying why would you get a console and then buy a game like jenga when you could buy the real thing and probably have more fun with it.

ITR5427d ago

Why would people buy those 3-4 in one games of board games for GBA? But they do everyday at Target and Wal-Mart.

Hell I bought the Battleship one.