Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars (Xbox 360/PS3) Video

Activision is bringing Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. In QUAKE Wars, you can choose to play as Earth's Global Defense Force or alien Strogg, with five different classes in each. Your character will grow in experience as you complete missions and objectives. Fans of the Quake series will want to check this one out, which takes the Strogg vs. Human combat to Earth. Multiplayer, team-based gameplay is what this release in the Quake series is about.

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Ghoul5430d ago

I shouldnt go to hard on it since i "only" played the beta.

But i was greatly disapointed with, very glitchy (even for a beta)
and all the vehicles really felt tacked on, in fact they where pretty useless and felt like they implemented them couse of franchise like bf2.

it ISNT like bf2 at all just to mention it and it doesnt have to do with it in any form but it feels they got to inspired by it for some features.

Firestorm5430d ago

I quite like the look of this game. hopefully it plays well on consoles.

tudors5430d ago

SO many good games on the way.

JsonHenry5430d ago

I like the game because it forces people to play as a team AND to play their role. (soldier, engineer, sniper..)

But the game looks like garbage (at least the Beta did) even running at 1600*1200 with all options maxed out.

Overall it showed promise, but like the first poster said - not really that impressed with it.

BoneMagnus5430d ago

Was this game at E3? If it was, I missed it.