Rumor: Sony's new rumble controller to debut with 80GB PS3

A Sony representative confirmed on Thursday that controller rumble will make its way to the PS3 for the first time, this after several lawsuits surrounding the technology.

Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft is reporting that a Sony Computer Entertainment employee confirmed to him today that SixAxis with rumble is on the way. No other details were provided, although rumor broke earlier this week that a rumble-enabled controller would appear with the release of the new 80GB PlayStation 3 this August.

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Marceles5432d ago

I wish this news was real but I really doubt it. My fantasy news would be that they're either keeping 60gb for $499 and the 80gb bundle at $599 and if the sixaxis rumble were coming out at the same time. I already have a PS3 but I can't wait until everyone starts buying one too.

Bloodmask5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

I haven't been a member of this site that long. But I do know that a lot of people hate when you say first post.

Just a friendly warning. I don't reallt know why. But it seems to be the case.

drtysouf215431d ago

and now ladies and gentlemen take a look at this

see how he changed his also

He called me desperate, truly said and pathetic yet look at
what he was doing himself. Don't let him fool you he is
the biggest anti Sony person on this site just look at his old
comments all his submitted stories and all the sony hating articles
he posts that end up in the failed section. Here's a funny one
he tried to post

if you notice those screen shots they say press L2 on one of them
which clearly lets you know they are PS3 shots taken from the PS3
of IGN.

ITR5432d ago

I thought this got debunked already??

Sony is confusing the hell out of me.

Omegasyde5432d ago

Sony Ceo/bigwig: "I can't confirm any price drop"
[Reason being people will hold off buying one, screwing Sony out of that extra 100 bucks and current sale figures.]

During/Post e3:
Jack Trenton:"Yea we are cutting to meet the needs of the consumer and to meet market expectations."

Pre-80 gig model/pre August:
Jack Trenton: "Rumble? I can't confirm its coming out. We would like to have as a future product for our consumer sometime in the future and we are looking into this technology."

[Reason being, all 6 Axis controller sales would see a major impact. Like the ps3 sales, for everyone waiting on a "rumored" pricecut.]
----------------------------- -----------------------
The only thing I look forward to, is that the 6 axis(without rumble) will drop down to 39.99 or even lower. Which leaves me to wonder how much this controller will cost...

$59.99 for a rumbling, motion sensor controller,for many games that don't support it yet?

I'd rather buy a new game.

ArduousAndy5431d ago

what I said the other day about the VOD.

Sony's main problem on the PS3 is not the price or the game library. It's main problem is the fact that they have too many talking heads. That go on to confuse the consumer.

You had Jack saying something to the effect of no plans of it yet. Now we have an insider saying that the controller is a rumble. When it's already been debunked by others saying that its not.

I wish they would just all stick to one story.

Why o why5431d ago (Edited 5431d ago )

your a real stickler for what SONY cant do or what they say. Maybe you should blame the MEDIA, try them.

lay off em and give em time

Is this the reason your face is fixed so

ArduousAndy5431d ago

Did the media make up reports that Trenton said that the rumble will not be coming out any time soon but IS on the horizon?

Did the media make up that a sony insider told kotaku that the rumble is coming out with the 80g?

No they didnt sony said this.

Look at the people on this board that are confused about there announcements.

Just like they stated the 80g was not coming to the US it was a Korean exclusive. But now we have a US release date.

make fun of the pic that I have up all you want. But the truth is you have nothing to add to this conversation. Instead of showing facts and a well written response to what I wrote. You do nothing more then attack me.
The truth is just like I stated before. The price is not hurting the console nor is it the game library.

What is hurting Sony is there constant back and forth.

A price cut is leaked, Sony denies it. what happens a few days later Sony says yes we have a new price cut.
Which is then followed by a statement saying that they are discontinuing the 60g and releasing the 80g.
The response from trenton is something like no thats not happening. Kaz then goes out and says it is.

Trenton then talks about VOD which he says its terrible at this moment but they are in the process of making it better.
Kaz responds with we have the ability to do it but we have not started on working on it we are tallking about it.

The constant back and forth of this company is what is hurting them. People on the fence who are seeing the price cut are ready to buy yet they see that a better model is coming out.
Now word that it has a rumble may put the people that are about to buy the 60g back on the fence and wait and see with the 80g

After all 20g plus game plus rumble for an added cost is alot better deal then buying the $500 system plus motorstorm which is 60 plus another rumble controller which will be anywhere from 40-50 depending on who you believe. Plus you get 20g free

Why buy a 60 for a discount when you get the above next month for a better bargin?

That is what is hurting Sony. Again not the price not the games.

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I want the rumble back and I would no complain for a redesigned controller (come on Sony, we have this controller for what? Almost 10 years?), but I don't bet a pea on this rumor...

I think we'll have to wait a little more, I believe someway in the official words form Sony in this matter (besides the price drop confusion), they would have showed something in E3 if they have a rumble controller in the works, especially if this is close enough of a final version that could hit in August.

Bloodmask5432d ago

I thought Sony said rumble could be coming in the future but it hasn't been ironed out yet.

Could be wrong but I thought it was posted in an interview.

If rumble is in it will be good for PS3.

crck5432d ago

It drains battery life like crazy. And its annoying as hell especially when they use it in cutscenes like graw or graw 2. Nothing better then a constantly rumbling controller... Why not just turn it off? I would love to except ubisoft didnt give me the option to.

DrPirate5432d ago

The new touchsense features technology that is meant to be integrated in a motionsensitive, wireless controller. It requires alot less power (from what I read on the Immersion article). You should look it up, Touchsense, it's a good read if you like reading hardware type articles.

By the way, I did not click the disagree. You were only raising a supposition, nothing to disagree with....

FordGTGuy5432d ago

And lasts 48 hours on 2 AAs.

sak5005432d ago

Good if they finally include it. Now will have one reason to pick up ps3. But have to have few more reasons, including lower price and plenty of games not avail on 360.

@ crck
Dont know what you're complaining about. ITs so much fun when you fire ur weapon and the controller rumbles with the recoil and makes it so much more realistic. Also fun in racing sims and flying sims . So which genre is left where rumble is not required? Playing poker i guess. Be thankful u hv rumble, i.e. if you have a 360.

crck5432d ago

It lasts up to 40 hrs with rumble off. The higher you set rumble vibration on the shorter the life.

eLiNeS5431d ago

My 360 controller last for days on a single charge and when the battery starts to die the first thing to go is the rumble. I might play a few more rounds before I actually get up to grab a new battery but not often because I hate not feeling the game. You can't feel when you're getting shot, you can't feel the gun as you rattle off a few rounds into an enemy, it's just a dull feeling without it. So before last gen.

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