Nintendo riding high after E3, Microsoft and Sony need rethink

In the E3 washup, at least as for as console hardware goes, the Nintendo company gave their rivals a run for the money.Meanwhile both Microsoft and Sony came away being outshone and with some issues to contend with.

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GoLeafsGo5427d ago

Barely any software + a wheel that Nyko's had for a while + a gun that was shown at TGS '05 + exercising on a gaming console (which has already been done, mind you) = Riding high?

Is it just me, or are some people too easily amused?


I don't get the feel that Nintendo was even far the most notorious in E3 this year... In fact, the only thing that appeal to me was Metroid Prime 3 and a promise of a new Zelda, tis time really wii-maked... I'm not buying a pistol if the Wiimote was supposely a pointer for that, with a trigger and all. And will not pay for doing exercises that i can without a videogame system...

Sorry Big N, i'll wait for more spotlights in the games and less in the stuff for TGS.

Rute5427d ago

@ bishop-br:
The pistol is actually just a shell for Wiimote to plug in, similar to the nunchuk, so it shouldn't be too expensive.

Scythesean5427d ago

yes the wiifit is out of this world, did you see how much fun that women was having while the guy was stepping up and down.


I know that the zapper is some kind of case for wiimote, and not a lightgun itself, but i assuming the wiimote is ideal for FPS itself, don't need a plastic toy for that, this just don't look so useful, low cost or not.

Even worse that the zapper almost compel you play left-handed on the trigger (to come the grip in your right shoulder) cause it makes you go with the nunchuk behind the wiimote, putting the trigger far in front of the grip... Looks more simples to get the wiimote as a pistol (right or left-handed you decide) and move normally with nunchuk in other hand.

Looks more interesting a position more like that new PS3 pistol. Grip and trigger in the same hand and the nunchuk could go in the side of the weapon. The Wii could even make it better, making a long barrel thing, and the nunchuk could fit in both sides so anyone can play it (the Time Crisis 4 pistol will not fit the left-handed).

PS: Sorry for the crap english.

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Bloodmask5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

but I am so tired of Wii-fit. After seeing all the great games that were at E3, I don't think Wii-fit should have been up in the top spot.

BubblesDAVERAGE5427d ago

With all the crap you gotta buy for a wii its more expensive then the damn ps3 and 360.

original seed5427d ago

Nintendo bores me now. I have a Wii and the only thing i do is play a few VC games once in a while. Im not sure what to look foward to with this system. Maybe only Mario Gal.