Skate 3: graphics comparison between Xbox 360 and PS3

Nearly no differences in texture quality, lightning or charakter designs. Skate 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360 got no graphical differences. Videogameszone made a Screenshot comparison.

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LTC4701d ago

360 version looks blurry

sid4gamerfreak4701d ago (Edited 4701d ago )

Skate 3 aint a very graphical mighty game is it? So the verdict is, both platforms it look crappy.

vhero4701d ago

Do we really have to do this for EVERY multiplatform game??

Hallmark Moment4701d ago (Edited 4701d ago )

N4G needs to fix their Search engine. There was a article just a few days ago or a week that showed the 360 version was better. You can't trust Videogamezone. They often cheat pics in the defense of PS3.

xg-ei8ht4701d ago

Yep, but not much of a looker is it.

Stuart57564701d ago

Bullshit article, i've never bought into these comparisons, give me full HD screen grabs that show the separate consoles buttons onscreen, ie: square circle/Y, B during tutorials and I might believe them! I remember the original Bioshock had some terribly Photoshopped screens done by an angry 360 fan when it went multiplat.

MaximusPrime4701d ago

PS3 is EA's preferred console. (look at Mirror's edge for example)

LTC is right, 360 images look a little blurry but im sure that doesnt put gamers off.

geth1gh4701d ago (Edited 4701d ago )

well skate 2 had tons of clipping issues on the ps3 when it first came out and ran fine on the 360.

but they are slowly starting to move towards the ps3, for example, developing games like the upcoming medal of honor on the ps3 and then porting them.

Corrwin4701d ago

A slow-paced (well, in comparing a skateboard to a car) Open world game with no civilians or traffic?

And this is the best they could get it to look on either?!?

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The story is too old to be commented.