Top 7 Big Games Missing from E3

E3 was smaller and somewhat less important this year. That's not to say publishers didn't come out in spades to show their latest lineups of games. There were a few distinct absentees, all big games that we would have loved to see. Some are obvious and some are speculation, but having these games shown this week would have made our trip down to Santa Monica a little more meaningful.

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Depressed Mode4298d ago

I would have added Ninja Gaiden 2 to the list.

TheMART-sucksdick4298d ago

I'm pissed off.... I was looking forward to that.

MK_Red4298d ago

8 days, 2 Dasy 2 Vegas (Lots of days), Mortal Kombat 8, FFXIII, Project Rygar, GOW3 and many more. This E3 had the biggest number of big disappearences I think.

Vojkan4298d ago

Don't think so. Those games are probably still in works. GTA4 didn't appear on E3 but that doesn't mean it was canceled.

Leipzig gamers conference is next months so maybe there we will see some of those games.

MK_Red4298d ago

Good point. Hope to see those games in upcoming events.

timmyp534298d ago

are the only ones i can think of.... Maybe TGS will be its time =)

sjappie4298d ago

Alan Wake and Bioshock.(atleast I didn't see anything about those)

Daxx4298d ago

BioShock was there. But they didn't do a big show case for it because the game is already coming out this August.

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The story is too old to be commented.