Top 5 Worst Decisions in Video Game Industry History

Craig Hassleback writes: "There have been poorly designed controllers and flat out broken games that made it to market. Some hardware has been canceled before we ever got to see it tested. And of course there are business deals that make no sense to the consumer, but what are the worst decisions in the gaming history?

It's hard to cut down a list to be short enough that gamers will focus and read through it in one sitting. In an industry with a history as rich as the one gaming has, you're bound to have a ton of mistakes littering the landscape of history. We could spend days talking about all the mistakes Sam Tramiel made when he took over Atari from his father Jack and slowly destroyed one of the greatest game companies ever over less than a decade."

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Xof5186d ago

I don't see the decision to stop developing PC games there, or the decision to start selling DLC. Or the decision to kill off the sci-fi-sim genre, or the decision to kill to rts genre. Nor do I see any of Sony's decisions over the past few years, which have been nearly universally bad.

vgn245186d ago

Bummer that today's youth can't read. :( Makes me sad that reading is so hard for kids. I read "clearly" that the removal of rumble on the PS3 at the beginning of this generation was mentioned.

When you get older, you'll learn to read. Hopefully someone can read this aloud to you, lol.

Redrum0595186d ago

strikepackage bravo is not a smart one. all those bad decisions that you listed, have only been drawing in the developers in the long run. how many times has sony released new technology that was saposed to be a bad move, and ended up being a very good decision in the long run. hmm? PS1 and PS2 speak for themselves and now the ps3 is starting to speak for itself with bigger, better, more inovative/creative games.
looks like 360 did all the wrong moves with crap that started to get old in 2008.

ShinMaster5186d ago

Definitely agree with you on that.

The no rumble deal was back in 2007. Since then, Sony has been putting out some really great stuff, games included of course.

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The Wood5186d ago (Edited 5186d ago )

doesn't compute

for some it seems....Seems its doing fine even with its astronomical price tag...luckily i have a job. Sony could of left out blu ray....and we all know how that would of turned out

AKS5186d ago

Many (not me; I bought, and still use, a launch 60 Gig model) thought that including the Blu-ray drive doomed the PS3. Including the Blu-ray drive was one of the key factors that helped them win the format war. To the consumer's benefit they have a very nice (not quite the best anymore since Oppo came out) Blu-ray player included with every PS3. This becomes incresingly important as people buy more and more HDTVs over time. My brother and even my grandmother (no joke) use PS3s now to watch HD movies.

madpuppy5186d ago

I would love to get the OPPO for my Theater Room.
Nice to see someone here that is an enthusiast of Home Theater as well as gaming.

brazilianbumpincher5186d ago

Which has not only rumoured to have funded ps3 exclusive agent but those episodes are now on ps3

And sony asking £500 for a ps3 at launch,amazing machine but the mind boggles

Christopher5186d ago

***Sony trying to convince gamers that “rumble” or shock was last-gen and then realizing too late that they had to pay up and release the “Dual Shock 3”.***

The _only_ reason they said it was last gen was so people would buy the SixAxis controllers. The _only_ reason DS3 wasn't out the door with the PS3 is because they didn't know if they could legally use them yet.

Lots of misconception around that. Yes, Sony lied in order to market what they could put out there, but they never had any intention of not putting out DS3. They were just held up in court with the technology, literally.

edgeofblade5186d ago

I'd rather get the straight story about how Sony was holding out instead of paying up for using patented tech... than lies.

Always truth and facts before the lies.

thehitman5186d ago

There was no rumble because Sony wanted sixaxis and sixaxis+ rumble was expensive at the time. They had all the legal right to use rumble infact the company behind the rumble in the dualshock sued Sony for not using it saying they had a contract etc to manufacture a certain amount and some other things. Sony tried to cover up saying it was not needed etc but ya w/e we got it now so I am happy.

dangert125186d ago

1) 2 release too human clearly not complete and thought over
2) buying wii speak hardly any one use's it nor is there many games that do
3) buying avatar garments i don't but people i know regret it when there a few points short off a game or arcade title dlc etc
4)thinking its ok to put a better fan in your 360 will you still have months left on xbl
5)buying a ps3 to use its other os feature =)

GunShotEddy5186d ago

I take it you're like fifteen since you can't see beyond this generation of gaming.

dangert125186d ago

if we went by your logic wed all be wrong i'm 19
and whats wrong with picking points from 1 gen i never had a problem with the others

GunShotEddy5186d ago

Nothing wrong with choosing from one generation if you ignore the fact you're commenting on an article covering every generation. Common sense means you can't focus on one. But you're 19, so some of this stuff is probably just beyond you. Not your fault.

Inside_out5186d ago

Well, I'll put Lionhead passing on little big planet...oops...

M$ building the 360 in Korea, makers of hyundai and Kia cars...nuff said..

Sony and trying to bully the patent holders of the rumble...lol...

Sony and their $600 super computer with no HD or HDMI cable included in the purchase...yes, you read correctly...throw in no headset...480i is underrated...

Sony and the whole cell processor thing...they have said it's not gonna use cell for the PS4....noooo...steve jobs said it was too SLOW yrs ago...Hmmmm...maybe why those AI in UC2 walk like robots...come here Indiana Drake...

Sony marketing...desperation at its worst....Sony...they just don't get it...It's not a Wii copy..it's ..er..um..called the "move" ( LMFAO ) and you can use it to play ping pong and tennis by...er...um...wiggling it...see, it's different...

The Wood5186d ago (Edited 5186d ago )

no hdmi...AT ALL on 1st units. Not built for 1080p,

rrod....no need to elaborate

smaller media than last gen in a HD era

Not 1st party studios


Took a while catching up to live

Letting some games become multiplat even though newer exclusives were part of those deals. (not sure how good they'll be)

took an age for them to 'DO' marketing right

no backward compatibility on the slim


online still sucks

not enough 3rd party support

super casual (not bad for them)

not even HD

s45gr325186d ago

Sony poor marketing campaign that I agree with completely. Immersion is a bloody greedy company come on after getting money in millions of dollars from Microsoft they turn around and sue Sony wtf????? why they wanted money by any means necessary. Playstation Move wait and see the only thing it resembles to the wii its is look. How it performs and what types of games is going to support its still up in the air. So, have you used the move if so great if not then shut up. The cell processor bad yeah that's why the vast majority of scientists, the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Federal Agents, Japanese movie theater operators jump ship onto the PS3 to make their research, military research, capture criminals, and operate movies at a japanes movie theater hmmm!!! makes sense the cell is a horrible processor. Close but no cigar the problem was Sony's pathetic support towards the Linux operating system and then removing it that's the problem.

Microsoft Hardware is garbage RROD, error E74, overheating, a external power supply that makes sense.

Software wise charge to play online unable to share digital content or share your gold account. The joke and excuse of an optical disk format DVD. Which we ended up playing shiny last gen games.....

Nintendo poor online play and too many controllers to play say wii games. Wii board, Wii zapper gun, etc.

Inside_out5185d ago

@s45gr32...well...you told me huh...feel better...LMAO...

Really, air force and federal agents...Hmmm...explains why they can't find Bin laden...quick, call Indiana Drake...cue the music...

Japanese movie theater...Research...WTF...LMA O...that whole thing you typed there sounds like a bad goggle translation...Hai-so...

Seriously...go outside and get some air...Angry little dude/dudette...

TotalPS3Fanboy5186d ago (Edited 5186d ago )

Every decisions Wada made for Square Enix this generation.

Hanif-8765186d ago (Edited 5186d ago )

Thats bullshit at the end because i had a 45nm Jasper Xbox360 and that freaking thing died on me. So stop misinforming people about them fixing it because its still a huge issue for them. Lets hope that at E3 the Xbox360 slim is announced because i wanna get my Halo Reach on and buy GTA IV again because its Sub-HD on the PS3 and GTA IV is still my favorite game this generation apart from Battlefield Bad Company 2 which DICE made better on PS3. I want a Xbox360 slim because when unexperienced devs not knowing that they should lead on the PS3. i wanna get my moneys worth and get the superior version (vice versa) if they're tied then i'd get it for PS3 because Blurays are really difficult to scratch :-)

ThanatosDMC5186d ago (Edited 5186d ago )

Adding Nero in DMC4 and saying he has Sparda's blood was a WTF moment for me. It completely destroys Sparda's legend or legacy that he fell in love with Eve and protected the human world and that he taught Dante and Vergil his swordsmanship. It made it seem like he just boned some prosti and there goes Nero.

nveenio5186d ago

@ Xof

Sony may have made a couple of bad decisions, but the way I see it, they're on top now (from a gamer's perspective, which puts Nintendo on bottom). Every decision they make is about pushing all of the boundaries of what is possible on home consoles, and there's not another company out there that's doing that (graphics, 3d, motion, etc).

We've all made bad decisions, but few of them turn into awesomeness like Sony's has.

Oner5186d ago (Edited 5186d ago )

@ #1.2.21 Sleipnir "That's some Sony cavalry" ~ Yet you say absolutely NOTHING about the person who is a CLEAR Xbox troll spreading fud about things he is totally WRONG about...

I say that's some clear bias you got yourself there buddy

vhero5185d ago

Good calls them on that list as none of them paid off in some shape or form. People on here putting about GTA etc.. but sure MS lost that money but it did shift some consoles so it did kinda work these all failed miserably.

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