Jack Tretton On MGS4 Exclusivity

Kotaku talks with Jack Tretton, the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, about the exclusivity of Metal Gear Solid 4.

Jack Tretton:
"It will appear first on the PlayStation 3. What happens years down the road? I have no idea."

sony fan5802d ago (Edited 5802d ago )

As soon as it is announced for xbox, we will say it is a crappy game anyway. How about we flood the site with articles about one games possible exclusivety, and lets forget that all the other MGS games were just rediculously boring and crappy until then.

ITR5802d ago

Don't mock the MG fanbase.

tehcellownu5802d ago

the 360 cant handle mgs4 it be downgraded..but no video equals bs!!

benny o klaatt5802d ago

and he's david brent AKA ricky gervais lol

Shin_Akakage5802d ago

I have read several posts on here claiming that Metal Gear Solid 4 could not be made on Xbox 360. Simply not true as Hideo Kojima himself said it to be so. There wouldn't be this HUGE downgrade as some seem to believe...on the contrary..."Maybe some nuance or a small details here and there might be different, but I feel that hardware is no longer a matter" as put by Kojima-san. Of course there would be changes as the game would be optimized to take advantage of X360's strengths..just like is being optimized now to take advantage of PS3's strengths. So despite the words of any fanboy MGS4 could be faithfully represented on X360 (FACT). (4-page hideo kojima interview from a while ago)

Someone mentioned how its "unacceptable" to swap discs because this is not the "ps1" era. Disc Swapping did not stop with PS1...It was a very prevelent practice on gamecube and on DVD movies. Even God of War 2 shipped with all the special features we placed on a second disc. How is it so different from swapping Disc 1 of Scrubs season 1 for Disc 2? It isn't. I doubt that MGS4 is significantly longer than any of the previous MGS titles....around 10-15hrs of gameplay. Blue Dragon on X360 is roughly 50-60 hours of gameplay..not including the amount of video. MGS4 will be nowhere near that long. I think X360 fans of the MGS series would find a 1-2 disc...even a 3-4 disc MGS4 more than acceptable. What many people fail to realize is that Bigger games don't mean LONGER least not right now. If MGS4 takes up 20 gigs on a BR-disc its still only gonna be 10-15hr long game. Is that truly taking advantage of the extra storage space of the BR disc? Change the compression of the video and re-tool the game to play to X360's strengths and I think it could fit on 1-2 discs easily. But that's just my opinion.

Either way doesn't matter unless the game is announce for X360. My bro has PS3..I have a I have access to the best of both. All I need to do now is get a Wii and I'm all set.

blackmagic5802d ago

Excellent comments shin, nice to see rational commentary with supporting links minus fanboyism. +bubbles

Captain Tuttle5801d ago

Good post Shin. Nice to see around here. Bubble your way.

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AznSniper5802d ago

where is the video....i don't see it

PSN Starfleets5802d ago

Video got removed. How can this have been approved you N4G monkeys

aiphanes5802d ago

They just post crap to try and piss people off..

Get it through your thick Xbox skulls....MGS4 will not come to the Xbox 360....It is only comming to the PS3...You only have 8.5 gigs of space on the DVD that the Xbox 360 uses....MGS4 will be at least 25 gigs on the bluray....The developer is going all out...he might even use the 50 Gig bluray discs...which nobody has use yet for a game on the PS3...Killzone 2 definately will use 50 GB disc since they are at 2 gig a level right now...