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Mark Eveleigh

"Another year, another E3 and, I'm proud to say, another stunning expo for the Xbox 360.

The big show is not quite as gargantuan this year, not that you'd know it based on the crowds jamming our stand. Needless to say the white-hot star of our glittering firmament is Halo 3. With appetites thoroughly drenched after the recent beta test interest in the latest build has been nothing short of ecstatic. September obviously can't come soon enough for some people".

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Caxtus7504302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

how did this get approved? its not news and its a week old by the looks of things....

its an advert basically

DiLeCtioN4302d ago

sorry my misunderstanding

Caxtus7504302d ago

hey its not your fault :) its the people who approved it! :P