Killzone 2 E3 2007 Demo Conclusion

Check out the never-before-seen, explosive conclusion of the press-only Killzone 2 demo from E3.

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Rybnik4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

Why Sony didn't include the exploding tower and hinted at, ensuing attack (from a certain flying vehicle that ended the E3 05 demo) in the 2007 trailer I don't know!
In any case, I hope for the final game, a part such as this isn't as easy as just blowing this thing up--I want to be under attack while I'm trying to destroy this thing. Anyway crazy graphics, no-one can deny that.

edit: Why, why disagree with a rational question like this??

Devilbringer4530d ago

there so many stupid ppl that dissagree for no reason. they should been banned

ALI G4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

is this kill-shown 1 ???
is this the game they said it has far better graphic than halo 3 or gears of war..Shony sanboys get owned again by "Shony promise and do not deliver " keep titling your SIXAXIS controller and keep saying oh it is just pre pre pre alpha.the game has no innovation , the A.I super crap .the only think it had is the above amazing graphic and it gone.what the point of having great graphic only in half level of the game,still not sure the E3 presentation was in-game because of Shony reputation in this matter .Plus there is no"last-gen" rumble .i do not see any Shony Sanboys making comparison today, they all been nice ..i wounder why ?
after all it seems 1up were right.

the same storey happened with motorstorm pre pre pre pre alpha and the final game ,all the mud and effects gone down the toilet .

now give me as many disagrees as you want.i think this one going to set new record in N4G


Pre Pre EDIT:why the hell the guy below got disagree.maybe he did not give accurate figure,should said 95% Shony + 2%$ +1 neutral which is me +remaining is others, but he still do not deserve disagree.

credit to tudors - 15 for the pictures

consolewar4530d ago

of course this site is 60% pro Sony 40% pro Ms. Anyway I do agree is not even close to the CG, but they still have plenty of time, maybe

ALI G4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

hello idiot
i compared cut scene to cut scene BECUSE one of them FPS AND THE OTHER TPS SO YOU CANNOT COMPARE IN GAME FOOTAGE .in-game: the main charcters will have more detailes in TPS while in FPS the environment will look overall better

nurayi4530d ago

Cute of you all to use such a flattering pic of killzone...

here is your comparison again

reaperxciv4529d ago (Edited 4529d ago )

it handles like an arcade shooter too.

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Blankman4530d ago

yea from what i have seen so far the game dosent look that hard. I want it to be hard with mad A.I. and you really have to duck and cover a lot to make it out alive. So far it just looks like the guy is running around out in the open and shootin ppl however he pleases. I mean the bad guys hardly fight back. Am sure it will be more difficult in the final game but the game rocks. I can't believe ppl are still buggin out over this game. I can't believe I AM still buggin out over this game. I think its the blood the way the ppl still bleed when they hit the floor. Don't think i have seen that in any other game. Love the way it smears too. Its been a long time coming but killzone please deliver so we can all enjoy ur goodness

Rybnik4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

To be fair, all the footage we have seen, the developer is using god mode..

Also, I noticed that while the player character is shooting away at the tower, the action is continuing...There is a point where out of the corner of the screen an approaching Helghast soldier is taken out by off screen AI! I didn't notice this the first time I watched this.

Lord Anubis4530d ago

ah, you noticed. THe AI is fairly smart, not just the Enemy AI but your team mate's AI. There are other videos where the main character is taking heave fire but since he is probably in God mode it doesn't appear like he is dying.

zantetsuken4530d ago

I have got to get into the beta when it arrives.

P4KY B4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

But this looks like its running on a PS2.

Almost no textures.

I guess it will look better once they go beyond the pre-pre-alpha.

**and yes I have watched the HD version**

shysun4530d ago

So this looks like a PS2 game........are you going to continue to sound like an idiot?

TheMART-sucksdick4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

Where the hell did you find that screen.... Bloody hell it looks real and look at that blood!!!!! OMFG haha i cant wait to play this... Any fuker saying this game looks like a ps2 game is just a dumb little xbot.

Btw have a bubble ^

T_Tokyo20104530d ago

Character models in this game look awesome. This game really surprised the heck out of me. I agree that they still have a lot of work ahead of them. Seeing as it has a 2008 release date I wouldn't worry about it though.