Obama: iPods, iPads,Xboxes and PlayStations don't empower

Revolutions are difficult things. One person's change is another person's threat. One person's magic is another person's incarcerating sorcery.

Please forgive me for sounding deeply philosophical, as opposed to the usual shallow caliber. But I have been moved to more profound thought by the words of President Obama to the students of Hampton University.

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LordMarius5093d ago

@ Obama: Out of touch much?
Lets have a poll, Agree if you think he is out of touch or disagree.

SuperStrokey11235093d ago

Get a life, this is abotu gaming no Obama. If you want to talk politics go else where.

People with an axe to grind amaze me how they will go out of their way to do it.

LordMarius5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

my poll is about the statement he said not about his other agenda
I'm a democrat btw.....

PS360_375093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )


Its about Obama because he made the comment.

Of course you give Obama the defense, but if Bush said the same thing would you be doing the same thing... Somehow I doubt that.

I'm not defending Bush at all, he was an idiot, but now that Obama is president...he can do no wrong, right?

Pennywise5093d ago

SuperStrokey1123, OBAMA made this STUPID comment. You want to have articles that are about Obama without political comments? Seriously? We at this point can say whatever we want about him. I will go now:

Obama has 1000 other things he needs to worry about. How about getting some jobs flowing like you PROMISED. How about getting forceful with BP to clog this mess in the gulf. How about Obama worries about AMERICA's economy and quits messing around with us giving the lazy sacks in this country a free damn ride.

In short: Obama sucks and you will get the same reaction from me every time I see this guys name on my gaming news website.

SuperStrokey11235093d ago

Im no obama lover lol, not at all. Im saying that if you want to talk politics you should do it else where. talkn about the statement he made, not the ones you think he made, not him nor his politics. Keep it stuck on gaming. Dont like him? Fine, no biggie, no skin off my back, but for god sake dont bring politics in to a dicussion about gaiming is all i said, I likely took mariuselijah's comment out of context and thought it was political in nature which is why it shouldnt be here.

I still stand by the fact that politics of any kinda should be else where. To each their own

Darkstorn5093d ago

Haven't you heard? 300,000 jobs were created last month alone:

And don't tell me that ABC is part of the 'Obama propaganda machine'...

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Christopher5093d ago

The problem isn't how the data is being disseminated, the problem is how much is truth. I agree with his concept that we live in an age where people don't seem to question what's being said by the news enough, but don't think his comments on the focus on use of technology for information gathering is really key here.

You can have A (question validity of news) and B (obtain news at any time using technology), it is not one or the other.

marinelife95093d ago

I find it hilarious that a politician is trying to give me advice on where to get my information from. All politicians lie like a rug and Obama is no exception.

He even lied during his speech when he said he doesn't know how to operate an ipod. He bragged last year about having Ludacris, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, and Bob Dylan on his own ipod then turned around and gave an ipod to the queen of England.

BannedForNineYears5093d ago


I say presidents should focus on the economy rather than what kids do in their spare time. -_-

Dacapn5093d ago

LOL u said free ride and BP in the same post. Listen to this guy. Bail out the oil companies!!!

Fox News is da truth!!!!

Raz5093d ago

"I don't actually believe that people only use their gadgets for mere entertainment. But if they do, do they turn to them for entertainment because they are innately shallow animals, seeking only to be shallower each day? Or do they turn to them because so much of the rest of their world doesn't offer the sorts of participation in which they feel welcome, the sorts of participation in which they feel they can make any difference whatsoever?"

This part of the article really stuck with me. If virtual reality is the only one we feel we have any significant influence on; maybe the problem isn't video games...

N4g_null5093d ago


Wikipedia, N4g, blogs, news, are all mostly about distrating news and rumors and flash bang excittment.

I remember when Game journalist knew the difference between hype and fact. I remember when the internet was a torrent of data and not a waste land of PR, and spam hype vichecles.

No one is held aaccountable for the information on the web, true or not. I actualy heard people at the studio joking about the space walk, what is next the holocaus did not happen? I mean did the Gov't have CGI that powerful back then!?

What is even worst is all this disinformation is ok with many of you to the point you will join a banwagon just because of hate or hurt feelings.

The internet has turned into the mob of the mad for most young people. true there is still some good info out there but Obama see what you guys don't all of those devices are for entertainment and most promote lude entertainment at that not even uplifing most of the time.

Pennywise5092d ago

Darkstorn didnt you hear that unemployment is still at 9.5%?

Amazing how you tout 300k jobs created and more people are unemployed. I think you libs need to wake up.

N4g_null5092d ago

Pennywise seriously when does the gov creat jobs? Does the gov lend money?
The government can not fix what is powered by private interest. So I don't see what the conservative would do different. Bush did bail outs and so did Obama.

The problem isn't gov it's the guys that force the gov to do things by way of not co operating. You can change the figure heads all you want the same things would have happened.

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FordGTGuy5094d ago

He says that he doesn't even know how to use them but turns are and criticizes them. No wonder his children are so bored this guy probably wouldn't even let them own a ipod, xbox or Ps3. Yet he turns around having a hard on for his blackberry that he never seems to put down.

Xbox Live and PSN personally empowered me to meet new people from around the world that I would have never met any other way.

The Wood5093d ago

empowered me to get a bloody job so i could pay for them all.

Demos dont empower Games do;)

erathaol5093d ago

All work and no play, makes for dull boy.

ZombieNinjaPanda5093d ago

"Do not play video games! They are bad for you and give you bad information about me! Only believe what I tell you! Oh wait brb lemme get mai blackberry lololol" -Obama

Nicholas Cage5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

when i get home from a stressful day i dont know what i would do without my cigaretts and games lol.

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mittwaffen5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

But Wall ST sure as hell empowers you Obama.

Puppet Obama.

rogimusprime5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

if he's a puppet, what does that make you? we all have our strings pulled at some point. Deny it you want to. I think a political debate has no place in this forum.

Try not to take comments out of CONTEXT, he is speaking to a group of college grads at a prestigious university. I think they already understand the pros and cons of today's digital barrage.

People take things way too personally, I have easily spent over 8K on video games in my life, I went to college and am employed full time. I couldn't care less what he thinks of me spending all weekend on PSN ( i just did) If you are sitting on your duff all day playing xbox, texting, and facebooking then you might want to examine your life.
@ Pennywise, I understand your feelings. But Obama isn't a superhero, your expectations seem to be quite high given who our last president was. (you DID see the latest jobs report, right?) Tell me your favorite president, and I'll tell you why he sucks. It's a tough job, and you can't do everything or please everyone.

mittwaffen5093d ago

Watch this - http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Then research the 'facts' in the movie; you'll find them all to be true. Theres no 'out of context' when the bastard lies he lies.

All you need too use if your brain to figure that one one.

Darkstorn5093d ago

Unfortunately Obama is a sellout to us progressives. He watered down healthcare and will do the same for immigration and the war. He's basically a center-right President.

mortalrage5093d ago

"With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations--none of which I know how to work--information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation,"

Don't forget the Ipod gifts he gave other leaders around the world.....

N4g_null5093d ago

SHHHHHH thats a secret he is trying to kill there brain, I'm sure he going to give out xboxes next so he can tax them all with live. Yet he would give them PS3 yet they could run their whole army off that thing at least until they up date then they would be sitting ducks! Genuis!

Well this was to college grads, going into the worst job market every. I think he is trying to say don't drown your sorrows in digital entertainment or maybe he is trying to tell them hey look make video games and make mindless money and then do some thing with that revenue like make that time machince hawkings is talking about....

Basicly he is saying caouch potatoe syndrom just went digital! RUN for the hills! Mind melting on the go!