Burnout Paradise E3: Offscreen gameplay

E3:2007 Burnout Paradise Offscreen Gameplay -This game is set to be released January 8, 2008

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MK_Red4298d ago

Awesome find. I'll miss the old arcadish flashy Burnout crashes but the new more intense and realistic ones are also cool and I can really feel the impact thanks to great camera and sound effects. Cant wait for Burnout Paradise to ship.

Bloodmask4298d ago

looks really good. I was always a fan of the Burnout series. The crash replays are the best.

I am not a big EA fan but this is one franchise that is actually good.

Tabasco4298d ago

Yea i agree, I don't like Ea either but imo this is there best Franchise.

no_more_heroes4297d ago

I don't really see the graphics improving in any noticeable way for the final build.