GameCritics: Alan Wake Review

HIGH The external environments are beautiful.
LOW The player sees far too much of them.
WTF The amount of back-attacks and birds.

Five years (plus) in the making, Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake is finally upon us. Having gone through several changes and an unusually long development period, one of the biggest question marks in recent video game history has finally materialized. Billed as a psychological thriller and positioned to be one of Microsoft's biggest titles of 2010, this 360 exclusive has a lot to live up to. Though the game can justifiably boast a few successful elements, it ultimately ends up being a case of too little, too late.

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AnttiApina5042d ago

Wow! This site has some weird reviews:

Mass Effect 2 a 7.5
Assassin's Creed 2 a 5.5
Uncharted 2 a 7.0


e3kehoe5042d ago


They evidently have no taste....maybe fishing for hits.. IDK.
Who does there reviews?

Solidus187-SCMilk5042d ago

I was gonna say that I guess they didnt like AW but those first 3 games listed are all great IMO. Really a 9.5 for AITD? LOL

HolyOrangeCows5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

I'd love to speak highly of this site since you rarely see reviews address the Deaf & Hard of Hearing.....but wow.

EDIT: Actually, their SECOND OPINION review of U2 was 7.5/10, not their main one. (Main: 9/10)

VoicesInMyHead5042d ago

I thought the website held pretty effin high standards to gaming....coz Mass Effect and Uncharted are at least 9s in my book....but then my eyes shifted to the last of "AITD"....straight up LAWL

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Kevin ButIer5042d ago

It seems to be a good game, its not perfect and maybe it doesnt justify the 5 years wait, but its a new IP and it will be nicely welcome in the 360 library.

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Chicken Chaser5043d ago ShowReplies(1)
UP5042d ago

The two comments above me are terrible specially Chicken Chasers. You should read them and laugh.

Syronicus5042d ago

The hype has been too much for this game. You could say that this game is the 360's Haze...

Sunny_D5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

I think that's a bit too much. That title goes to Too Human. Alan Wake is still good, nowhere near as bad as Haze. No way at all.

Edit: Holy crap! I didn't know this game was rated T!

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El Botto5042d ago

Not just any birds...


Hit its weakpoint Alan! But first shine that flashlight on the bird so you can slow motion it down and so that the player can actually see the bird.

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UP5042d ago

i would not go that far it is not 360's Haze. I would call it the 350's Killzone 2 in terms of hype the only difference is it scored slightly lower than killzone 2. But it is a good game overall

lagoonalight5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

Yahtzee my ******* *** dude! The guy is a comedian nothing more and his schtick was cool for like 6 games.

KZ2 was a pioneering effort in Console FPS to say anything different you sound like an F'in tard. 32 player matches with absolutely groundbreaking graphics. Bullets and bots and particles everywhere with 32 players and hardly any slowdown. Where the **** do you see that outside of PC?

To sit there and Criticize U2 would be fine if you were talking the boring and redundant circle running multiplayer. But the single player?


weazel5042d ago

If you had criticized the culture of trolling, and then gone on to say that "things like that don't matter to me....It's all about the game,etc,etc..." then you would have had a solid ground to illustrate the unfairness of metacritic focused gaming media, disparity of scores, etc.
As it is, you just coughed up some phlegmy nonsense, about the other kids toys, and how everybody else is s**t.
Look in the mirror dude.
You are a troll.
A hypocrite troll.
A mouth breathing angry spastic troll.
F. off and lurk somewhere else with your "my toy is better than yours" rants.

Redrum0595042d ago

how many games have ripped off the alians invading earth stories? stop trolling dude. plus, how many games ripped off killzone2's Warzone mode(all match modes put in one)? Your bashing only makes you look stupid, go back to playing/hyping Alan Wake and shut up.

Therealspy035042d ago

how the ps3 fanboys only see what they wanna see. i simply said this constant bombardment from the ps3 fanboys in a 360 exclusive article (which happens thousands of times daily) has gotten stale. you make the same lame comparisons to the same drab games. nobody cares about your views/perspectives on games that only ps3 fanboys love.

i honestly do not care at all for your opinions. i don't care at all that you can gang up on neutral gamers and accuse them of being on the opposing side of you.

the facts are these...i hate fanboys on both sides...but the ps3 fanboys dominate n4g. you can't go anywhere without seeing their asinine remarks about games they know absolutely nothing about...or their blind support for exclusives that are complete crap. you are hypocrites...pure n simple.

don't address me personally unless you have a counter argument that pertains to the points of view that i'm making available. so far, all i'm seeing is the same childish behavior i've always seen the from the ps3 crowd, and it does nothing but add credence to the argument that i'm making.

you couldn't wait for one crappy reviewer to give an unfair perspective on a game they couldn't wait to hate on. any time one of the real sites says one of the ps3 exclusives sucks, they have no credibility. but when some garbage site that nobody cares about knocks a 360 exclusive, they are absolutely right??? nah..you're just hypocrites.
once more, alan wake is PROBABLY not a great game, but PROBABLY a good game. but that's still more than i can say for trash like killzone. that game has come and gone, and nobody plays it. ya'll just brag it up when it's convenient to talk about graphics. i don't care how great YOU think it looks...nobody plays it for it a reason...it sucks.

weazel5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

I take back what I typed about you being a hypocritical Troll.

" facts are these...i hate fanboys on both sides..."

"so far, all i'm seeing is the same childish behavior i've always seen the from the ps3 crowd, and it does nothing but add credence to the argument that i'm making"

"PROBABLY not a great game, but PROBABLY a good game. but that's still more than i can say for trash like killzone"

"nobody plays it for it a reason...it sucks."

You're a Schizophrenic hypocritical Self owning troll.

Get off your high horse son. With generalisations like these, you come across as badly as any of the "PS3 'tard trolls" that you seem to have a boner for.

Therealspy035042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

all i showed was that you fanboys only see what you wanna see. see how you picked apart my entire statement and focused on a few piecess and then called me a hypocrite? what was hypocritical? that i hate fanboys?

nah...only thing i can see is anotherfanboy trying to focus on a small percentage of what's said to support his argument. since this site is completely DOMINATED by you idiots, you get away with it. the rest of us know how the community works and we've come to terms with the fact that unless we shower praise on ps3 and condemn anything outside of the circle, we'll eventually lose our bubbles and have to make a new name.

if i walked into a room full of 4 year olds and one of them calls me a "poopy head" and i say anything to the contrary, i'll still lose the argument because all the other 4 year olds will point and laugh and continue to chant those childish sentiments. that's what n4g is...a kindergarten classroom. you can't win here when you try to be neutral...you have to choose a side...the side of the 4 years olds...otherwise they gang up on you. and since n4g decided to give the 4 year olds an equal voice here, the rest of us are left to eventually be censored by very immature, narrow minded idiots that can get away with murder for being the most biased, obnoxious members of the community. it makes me sick, and that's why i'm so cut throat when it comes to speaking out against it. there's a great proverb that goes like this: the truth is the truth even if nobody believes it, and a lie is still a lie even if everyone believes it.

weazel5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

I called you on your rant against fanboyism, which you then rendered void by reverting to fanboyish behaviour.

That's the dictionary definition of hypocrisy.

Why pander to the masses, and feel that you have to "dumb down" your arguments to win? Why even try to "win" at all. If you enjoy games on a particular system then fine. You don't have to debase your point by taking a polar opposite view to an immature vocal minority. Frustration is one thing, but contributing to the trolling crew is a catch 22 pal, and based on a large part of the rational sections of your posts, I'd have thought that you would appreciate that.

*edit - check my comment history voltaire. How is praising games on all systems fanboyish? Because I disagree with your FANBOY statements, then i'm a part of the mythical PS3 collective? Truth is subjectively influenced by the majority's perception, and by taking a negative stance you become part of the problem, so f. up with your sanctimonious preaching.
Using your argument, then please provide overwhelming evidence that "Killzone 2" is trash on a global statistical level, and not just in your opinion...
..can't do it?
you fail.

thief5042d ago

I think it more like the 360's Heavenly Sword.
And to be honest, the scores arent the disappointment - after all Max Payne 2 scored the same (MID-80S).
Killzone 2 managed to surprise positively even after all the hype in some respects - the majestic AI, the multiplayer, the unique controls, the art design. As far as I can see, there is nothing in Alan Wake where reality beats or even matches the hype. From what I have seen, the combat and use of light is nowhere as creative and innovative as I had expected, and I had thought the story would be mind-blowing but again, doesn't appear to be the case.
This and Mass Effect were the two games on the 360 which I thought I would really want on the PS3, but no longer so keen on AWake.

Arnon5042d ago

"KZ2 was a pioneering effort in Console FPS to say anything different you sound like an F'in tard."

I lol'd

M-Easy5042d ago

gets a bubble for owning the troll.

Official General5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

You need to get a life man. I really cannot believe how some so-called gamers like you take this fanboy/console war stuff so seriously. Just take a look at how you sound on here - judging from what you've wriiten in your posts, one would think you were really upset and pyschologically traumatized by these PS3 fanboys on N4G. Just because Alan Wake did not get many of the scores it was hyped to get, it don't mean you should start taking out hateful vengence on PS3 fanboys that criticise it and gloat about it. This is N4G and people have a right to express their opinions and feelings and there is no reason for you to get butt-hurt about it as long as it's nothing personal against you. You more than likely do not know these people on here personally and most importantly of all it's just video games. Surely there are more important things in your life that you can get upset about? Realise your your more serious priorities, fix up and GET A LIFE!

EDIT: A little more on topic - to therealspy03 and all you other extremist 360 fanatics, a word of advice from me. Don't listen to reviews if you know you really wanted to buy and play Alan Wake. Ok fair enough it did not get a ton of 9-rated scores across the place but this should not deter you at all, you need to make decisions based on your own judgments and instincts, not next opinion of ONE other person! I'm a PS3-only owner and Sony gamer but I admit I like the look of AW and if it was on the PS3 I'd still buy it regardless of the reviews. I bought a game called The Saboteur, it got mostly 7s and I still bought the game, and guess what? I really enjoyed it, it was mad fun. A good thing that I didnt listen to just the reviews alone. You're humans not robots, make your own minds up. I'm sorry AW was not the AAA mega title you hoped for - but forget about that and just simply enjoy it for what it is!

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FACTUAL evidence5042d ago

It's not A lake...It's an ocean!!

MNicholas5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

are exceptionally bad. There's also a remarkable lack of per-pixel lighting.

The only logical explantion for the poor texture quality is that they were designed for an open-world game where extra memory was needed to buffer more parts of the map. When they decided to place limits on player movement they may not have had time to maximize texture quality with the additional memory that should have become available.

Perhaps significantly improved texture quality is the one thing we can look forward to in Alan Wake 2.

However, the relative lack of per-pixel lighting (compared to even multiplatform games like batman) is probably not an area in which we should expect significant changes but there should be some improvement here as well.

masterofpwnage5042d ago

how is plastation_clan trolling.
he is right.
it means its to repetitive

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