The Top 5 Most Innovative Games of E3 2007

Bioshock, WiiFit, UT3 and more but whats the number one?

"With the barrage of games shown at E3 this year, it's sometimes hard to sift through the junk. Even more difficult is to tell the good games from the innovators. Sure, there are lots of great games being shown this week, but the real winners are the games that push things to the next level. "

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SWORDF1SH5305d ago

i was sure lbp was gonna be there. i dont even think wii fit is that innovative. its something you would expect from the wii

MK_Red5305d ago (Edited 5305d ago )

Agreed, Little Big Planet should have been among top 3 (IMO number one). UT3 is really good but not neccessary among top 5 most innovative.
My list:
1.Little Big Planet
3.Assassin's Creed
4.Super Mario Galaxy
EDIT: 5.Haze (Thanks Siesser for mentioning Haze, I cant believe I forgot about it.)
6.Rock Band

Siesser5305d ago (Edited 5305d ago )

I agree with LBP needing to make the list. Have no idea why UT3's on there. Happy to see the nod to Echochrome too. The thing that I saw this year though, that had me staring in wonder and saying "I've never seen that before," came from Haze. I can not recall ANY game where you can play dead; especially not an FPS.

Bloodmask5305d ago

Wii-fit. Is in all the awards. I have nothing against Wii-fit I am just tired of hearing about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.