37 Hi-Def E3 Trailers

Check out this eye candy! is presenting some of the best content from E3 all in one place, in HD. Trailers currently include Halo 3, Mass Effect, Madden NFL '08, Guitar Hero III, Gears of War PC, Unreal Tournament III, Bioshock and many more.

The videos will stream using GridNetwork's P2P technology which allows practically no buffer wait time which means more eye candy time!! Enjoy. Check the page often, G4 will continue to collect the best HD content from the E3 show floor and post it here.

Gridnetworks player currently Requires PC + Windows.

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DFresh4297d ago

Through th show and performance
the PS3 won
Xbox 34%
Sony 46%
Nintendo 20%
that's a 12% lead
what a come back!