New Assassin's Creed interview/impressions's Geoff Martin got to play Assassin's Creed from Ubisoft's giant spooky talent farm in Montreal, and talked to the game's producer, Jade Raymond, and its creative director Patrice Désilets.

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Crazyglues4300d ago

Which version is better PS3 or Xbox 360, I just want to know if their is any difference because I want to get the better one.

But no one seems to be comparing the systems or did I just miss it on the net somewhere? If they are both the same then I'll just get the PS3 since I don't really have no games right none for my PS3.

But if it's better on 360 which i'm afraid it might be, just going off of Ubisoft's track record with Rainbow six then I guess I'll just get the 360 version.

But I just haven't seen any comparison yet? Did anybody else see one?

Adamalicious4300d ago

Just wait for the reviews when the game is actually finished. I don't think anyone could really give you any helpful info at this point. I would speculate that they'll be pretty much the same and that you should just pick which controller you'd rather use :)

eLiNeS4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Buy the 360 version, you will get more out of the game with the achievements that will be had. Oh yeah, don't forget faster load times as well.

Anything else I can help you with? LOL

Kratosnake4300d ago

i say make jade the main character, then maybe i'll buy Assasin's creed.

2 yrs ago, AC was my favorite game and i was excited about it the most, now somehow it's just slowly slipping to lower places on my list. I just hope they tighten up more:
1. less bugs
2. faster combat
3. less "glowy" people.

If they do that, i might just get excited about this game all over again.

Adamalicious4300d ago

Sometimes I feel like this game gets extra attention because of the Jade factor. It really turned some heads a year ago at E3, but it seems like the longer it takes to come out the less impressive it seems when compared to the competition. Here's hoping it turns out to be awesome in the end.

Marriot VP4300d ago

ubisoft isn't dumb, every game needs a spokesperson who echoes positive vibes. I'm not saying she's under-qualified, just that she offers them more perks or publicity.

good looks FTW

SkyGamer4300d ago

Yeah she's pretty hot alright. Def. would help keep her warm up there in Montreal.

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