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Analyze This: E3 2006 Aftermath -- Redemption for Sony?

They are the professional analysts whose day job it is to research, follow, advise their clients, and opine to the media about the gaming business. In this monthly column, Gamasutra offers up a timely question pertaining to the business side of the video game industry and let the analysts offer their thoughts directly to you. Their opinions are their own and will (probably) not necessarily agree with one another.

In the latest of what we hope will be a regular monthly column, "Analyze This" cuts right to the chase: Rather than reporting on a subject, and throwing in quotes by analysts to support or refute a point, we'll present a topical question and let the analysts themselves offer their thoughts.

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OutLaw6616d ago

It had a little bit of opinions for everybody. Did it change my point of view. No. It doesn't give people the feel to buy a PS3 or not. It just pretty much states what we Know about the Two systems already (360 & PS3). Thats it, nothing more.

Lionel Hutz6616d ago

I think that the article served its purpose well in that it gave an unbiased view of the systems as it has many different analysts. I tend to think that the last one, though, made a very good point. I, too, think Sony will fare pretty well, but their mistake was giving two different models immediately. By showing the higher priced ones, it gives people a mindset of $600 compared to $400 for the xbox. Really, it is $500 compared to the $400 360, but many will not take the difference into consideration (like parents at Christmas time). I think that they should have done (or should do now) a good job of explaining that the more expensive version is better, but will only serve the more hardcore gamers.

OutLaw6616d ago

You said that the last one though, made a very good point and then you go on to say I too think sony will fare well. I wasn't trying to put down what they're saying. I was just stating that their opinion really don't change how people think about the system. They really didn't state anything we don't know. So in some sense it's irrelevant what they say.

Lionel Hutz6615d ago

Outlaw, I did completely agree with you. My title of "relevance" referred to how useful the ARTICLE could be. To those that did not know much about the systems, I can see it being useful, but to those that frequent this site, I can see how it would be irrelevant. So therefore, I am in complete agreement with you especially when you say, "They really didn't state anything we don't know. So in some sense it's irrelevant what they say." I don't disagree with you now and I didn't disagree before. Sorry for the confusion of the title. :)

COVER GIRL6616d ago

Sales will slow big time after the PS3 is out for 3-4 months and i don't see a price drop with the Blu-ray built

VirtualGamer6616d ago (Edited 6616d ago )

1. That E3 did not mean as much as all the XBOX 360 fans seem to place on it since most consumers don't pay attention to what happens at E3 and those that do probably already decided what system they where going to be buying prior. Especially the XBOX 360 hardcore who had already purchased their choice.

2. There is still plenty of time for Sony to get their message out of what the PS3 has to offer.

3. The last anaylst echo's my stance that the true comparison between the PS3 and the XBOX 360 should be made on the the $499 PS3 and the $399 XBOX 360 as they are basically the same system except for the Blu-Ray drive in the PS3. Which for only a $100 dollars difference you get a HD player. a price MS will not be able to even come close to matching with their HD-DVD add on player. Not to mention that the PS3 is far cheaper to upgrade the HDD in then the XBOX 360 since MS went with a laptop HDD instead of PC.

I can buy a 200GB HDD for the PS3 for $100 which won't even by a 60 GB HDD in the XBOX 360. With both systems taking more and more advantage of the internet and downloading updates and games etc a HDD will play a much bigger role then it has in the past and 20 GB is not going to cut it just ask any PC gamer who has been doing stuff like that for awhile now. 20 gb is nothing.

OutLaw6616d ago

Most people wouldn't even pay attention to that article you posted. The only ones who will read that is people who know about systems and who come to forums like this. So thats why I said that it doesn't change anything because to us we know pretty much whats going on . Give me something new to read instead of E3 news.

VirtualGamer6616d ago

its the first time I have seen a anaylst echo what I have been saying all along and saying that most of the gaming press has gotten it wrong when it comes to the PS3.

OutLaw6616d ago

They're saying what you've been saying all along. So even though you read (for the first time) what a analyst Have wrote. That changes everything. Well let me be the first one to get a PS3 then since the analyst repeat what we already know. Come on give me break.

shotty6616d ago

You know the ps3 also has a 2.5 inch harddrive. The same as the xbox 360. The reason they have the 60Gb is because as time passes the price of technology decreases. I know come this christmas MS is going to bump up the harddrive to atleast 60GB and maybe include a 20GB in the core.

Moostache6616d ago

I have to disagree with this sentiment. Right now on my 360 I have several dozen songs, 8 HD-trailers and 9 fully playable game demos on my HDD and I still have 8 GB free. Considering that the average demo size I have is 500 MB, I can't really see where the extra HDD is all that important, especially given the fact that I believe it is possible to transfer data from my 360-HDD to my 160 GB USB2.0 external HDD (which is available in this week's Best Buy ads for $80 I believe). The games themselves will not be running more than 1 GB off the HDD in the forseeable future.

The "HDD Issue" is a classic Red Herring - just like Blu-Ray's usefulness for games during THIS generation of consoles and the "need" for HDMI outputs.

Bottom line, there are many reasons to get either system, but disseminating false information and Sony's propaganda Red Herrings is NOT one of them. The consumer should buy whatever they decide they want but they should not be duped by opinions. If they are, then I would like to start selling them real estate...

Grown Folks Talk6616d ago

i just picked up the datel transfer kit. $19.99. swap gamesaves, user data, ect to your pc drive. as far as people's opinions on the system, i've said it before. to some $600 will be expensive, to some it will be just right, and to others it will be a bargain. just depends on the persons outlook and financial status.

OutLaw6616d ago

Also you think we could add an external Harddrive to the 360. I never thought of that concept. That would be intresting considering it does have a usb port..

anonymous6615d ago

You say every knows this but from what I have seen especially by XBOX 360 fans is that they don't. Hell even Dusty who runs this site made a great speach about what the problems where with the PS3 and that most gamers will not see the $200 difference as something worth paying. Others responding continue to say the PS3 is $600 and that gamers won't pay this. I guess they do it because it makes their arguement stronger but really if all your looking at is picking up a pure gaming console with no interest in watching movies then it's $100 not $200 and for that $100 more you get a system that's cheaper to upgrade the hard drive in as well as Blu-Ray which if you look, developers are saying it offers great Data Transfer Rate. As well many are saying they will utilize the extra space that Blu-Ray provides. This to is also always being disputed by people who don;t make games. I think I wil take the word of those that do.

Ubisoft - I can only say that the new BluRay disc format is truly awesome. The capacity is immense, and the Data Transfer Rate is way beyond what we are used to.

Team Ninja - Speaking to Japanese magazine, Famitsu, Itagaki has expressed concerns over the limited capacity DVD offers in the era of High Definition. He feels developers will struggle to fit High Definition pre-rendered sequences onto the 9GB format, being particularly problematic for Japanese developers who prefer to use pre-rendered over real time cut scenes.

Enchant Arm - From Software producer Masanori Takeuchi, who's been working on Enchant Arm, a role-playing game slated to be an Xbox 360 launch title, said developers will also be running into issues of storage space in the next generation. While the Xbox 360 is a next-generation console, Microsoft decided to equip it with a normal DVD reader rather than give it HD-DVD or Blu-ray reading capabilities.

EA - a leading games developer and publisher, added that the delivery of high-definition games of the future was vital and Blu-ray had the capacity, functionality and interactivity needed for the kinds of projects it was planning.

Mark Rein VP of Epic on UT 2007 - Unreal Tournament was 6GB compressed. Next Generation games are going to be 20GB plus, and how we're going to fit them on DVD9's I don't know, they'll probably be a few of them. On the PS3, we're going to be using the majority of the space on those Blu-ray disks.

FFXIII - Toriyama and Versus producer Shinji Hashimoto defended the decision to release FFXIII on the PS3. According to Hashimoto, the development staff determined that one DVD would not be enough for the type of visual expression they were attempting to make.

Add to all this that after you buy the system if you later decided you want to use your system to watch HD movies it would not cost you a dime more where its looking like for XBOX 360 fans its going to be about $200 more for the option.

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ssj046616d ago (Edited 6616d ago )

General Public could careless about the event. Peoples mostly known Sony as a Top Brand in hardwares and they also known Sony to be Top gaming Console producer as well. The price dosn't scare off real Sony fans at all, but it might scare off some of the general public. But when an average person look at what does the PS3 have to offer, like a blu-ray, and a 60gb of hdd, they will quick to assume that this is a real bargain. By the time the PS3 launch, the general public will have knowledge about the blu-ray player and what it have to offer. There will be blu-ray player up in store shelves for sale pricing from 1k to 2k. When looking at the PS3 and compare it to the 1k or 2k blu-ray player. The average person will see the PS3 as a major bargain for them.
(Who woundn't want a top of the line next gen movie player for half price off?)
You may argue that they will only want to buy a gaming system and would not want any extra for the extra price, when compare to the 360. A gamer would argue with such belived that it's the fact of consumers when buying a products. But what are you forgeting is this is not your hardcore or game freak like peoples in this site or any others gaming website. They are the general public, they are the average consumers. An average consumers will always want more for a great bargain. An average consumers will not see the blu-ray player being useless or the internet browsing as pointless, they will see it as a great extra features for a great bargain price.

anonymous6616d ago

That does sound good but the average consumer will not jump on the Blu-ray's wagon they will stick with what they know. By the time PS3 and Blu-ray player's release people will know the only defference is the storage and most won't think that's worth $600 for a PS3 and $1000 for a stand alone Blu-Ray player. It's the average consumer that will look for the bargon with HD- DVD And after people learn that it has way more featurs than Blu-ray they will think it's a bargon. People will see HD-DVD and Blu-Ray side by side in the store and both will look good on display but when consumers see all the funtions being used on HD-DVD for $300 to $600-(360 add-on)cheaper Blu-ray won't stand a chance. Then that's when HD-DVD could start helping Mirosoft the most. The game line up and the service's and the funtions/feature's of both HD-DVD and Xbox360 will influence the consumer's more than you think. And this is what the real bargon is. So you could have it backwards it might be the average person that stay's away from that price and the hardcore fans will be the only thing keeping Sony afloat, giving Sony a slow and painful death; or at least a run for their money. In the end it all comes down to what company gave the consumer the choice to spend on what they wan't and the ability budget what they wan't at their own pace i don't think people care about all the storage space in Blu-ray people can't even sit though a two hour movie and their only so much extras people can stand on a DVD. I think people will go with cheap and what they know and Hollywood will follow suit.

pRo loGic II6616d ago

E3 will create word of mouth buzz, so that E3 won't matter jive is stupid; it will matter, not big time; but enough get little timmy talking to his buddy; and then buddy; talking to his daddy; then daddy talking to his buddy; and then daddy buddy talking to his son and so on ect.That was hard lol.

pRo loGic II6616d ago (Edited 6616d ago )

I forgot that's funny coming from you. Game freak ha ha ha. HD-DVD is alot more next-gen than Blu-Ray, Sony's using the PS3 to drown HD-DVD with hype from gamer's that's why the all parties involved in Blu-ray wan't to copy HD-DVD'S feature's.

Wotbot6616d ago

I think the article showed that some of Sony’s hype regarding the PS3 has been dispelled.

If you look at the playable games the ps3 had on offer, which these analyst have done, and then look at the price and what the 360 is doing, the PS3 is now not the easy choice it once was.

The next gen war is closer now than at last e3, when it seemed Sony would walk over everyone.

PS3 Not worth the purchase at the moment.