Top 5 Xbox 360 Games You Don't Want On Your GamerCard

GFB writes: "Though some elitists may try and salvage their reputation by claiming it has never happened to them. Everyone has played at least one terrible game in their life. At the same time, a large community of Achievement-Enthusiasts will play just about anything to hear that sacred “Ba-Bloop” from their TV. The point is, bad games exist in an overwhelming quantity and eventually you're going to regret time you spent on one of them. Though not everyone has played the following titles, they are of the most notable and overall gamers would prefer to keep these of their list of played games."

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vgn245189d ago

I would put DOA Xtreme 2 at number 1. Plus everyone plays promotional games because they're cheap, silly and fun.

nix5189d ago

hey.. the comment count says "0" but there's already a comment here.

vgchica5189d ago

N4G is all jacked up right now. Approval points are still being fixed for members. Half the things don't work. You can't use search or the site crashes. I miss the old site.

dabri55189d ago

I know a lot of people that played Avatar just to get the 1k gamer points in about 10 min.


What Do We Think of Post-Launch Lootboxes? - Keen Cast Ep. 10 - KeenGamer

On the tenth episode of Keen Cast, David, Sean, and Tim voice their opinions on post-launch lootboxes, Billy Mitchell’s latest lawsuit, KFC’s official dating simulator, our beloved Sneak King, and all the major news from this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

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AK911756d ago

Lootboxes in general need to go

CrimsonWing691756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

I just never give into them.

I think more so than the loot boxes being an issue is how a game is developed around them. The concept of optionally paying for boosts, items, and whatnot isn’t an issue per se, it’s the fact that a game is developed around monetization that is the problem.

If, say, God of War had loot boxes for currency, upgrade materials or whatever, but the game stayed exactly as it is where all of these items could be acquired just as easily by playing the game and just going a little bit out of your way to farm some stuff, I think it’d be fine.

The real issue is the designing of a game to force people into spending money on these loot boxes or really any form of microtransaction for that matter.


Games That Are Guilty Pleasures

VGChartz's Brandon J. Wysocki: "We’ve all had a thing (or things) that we enjoy even though it seems most others harbor a certain degree of contempt for it. Sometimes, wanting to fit in, we keep those likes a closely guarded secret. For me, when I was in elementary school, it was the cafeteria lunches, namely the mashed potatoes and gravy. When they came up in the cycle, many of my friends complained. Call me crazy, but I loved them, though I never went out of my way to let others know that, at least not after I heard their scorn for them.

Turns out my Dad felt the same way. I liked knowing I wasn’t the only one. As I grew up, I began to care much less about how others felt about my quirks and tastes, but I retained the sentiment that it’s nice to know I’m not necessarily alone in them (except for in cases where I want to be the only one and am far from it, I hate that!). Anyhow, here is a list of some of the games I enjoy that I believe qualify as “guilty pleasures,” along with some reasons why I enjoyed them. These games are, in one way or another, the public school lunches that I, right, wrong, or in between, enjoy."

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An Alternative to Sexualizing Game Characters

There are actually tons of games/movies coming out where the female characters are looking strong and geared up but it would be kind of interesting for a certain group of people to play a male version of Dead or Alive.

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Kalebninja3023d ago

If we want less of something why would adding more of the same thing make it better? That's a terrible argument. Its like telling people who want less guns that giving everyone a gun is the answer.

Yucline3023d ago

We're not really talking about something that can kill you but more on something that could appeal to a different audience. On this topic it's unfortunately impossible to please everyone. I personally just play any character. Whether the guy is half naked or the girl is half naked. It doesn't bother me because it's simply a game character.

annoyedgamer3023d ago

There you go with that "we" again. You are one of the few raging liberals here.

And you managed to sneak in the ever popular gun grabbing theme in there as well. Grats.

Kalebninja3022d ago

Now I'm a liberal? Can you stop with the labels because you don't know what I stand for, I'm not speaking in terms of N4g members I'm speaking in terms of the industry altogether.

DDMNeo3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Kalebninja is right. We don't really get anywhere labeling people like that. I could easily say you're one of the butt hurt conservatives, but that doesn't really get us anywhere. He's just making a point, not pushing an agenda on guns. How about we leave political ideologies to the side, and keep it to what's happening with video games.

That being said I don't think it will change the minds of people who are upset with the way women are portrayed. I think the better example is women who get upset for the sexualization feel similar to black people who see black characters eating fried chicken or watermelon. I don't think showing white people breaking iPhones and eating hummus would make them feel better. Also, it's freedom of expression for people to be upset, and unless you hate freedom you can stop being a baby and suck it up.

Dumpling3022d ago

:/ its always you with these comments...

Deadpooled3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

What do you want instead? Every female character wearing a burka and the males flashing all?

Kalebninja3022d ago

Burka comment? Classic trolling

3-4-53022d ago

* I don't get how it's "sexualizing" when REAL humans in REAL LIFE actually look like a lot of these video game characters either man or women.

Kalebninja3022d ago

Then there's no point in explaining to you, it's not something that's hard to understand.

equal_youth3022d ago

What is it with you and your silly immature agenda against everything sexual, Kalebninja?

I wonder if you ever had a healthy sexual relationship with another human being.

Kalebninja3021d ago

I'm not against everything sexual, and I never said i was in fact i stated that i wasn't a few times but you seem to think you can read a couple of comments and im an open book. But of course since this is the internet you'll assume what you want and call me silly and immature because you disagree with me AND disrespect me because you can, but I'm the immature one. Mind you there are plenty of people who actually are against everything sexual but I doubt you'd have the audacity to walk into a church and call them silly.

equal_youth3021d ago

It all plays so well for you exactly because this is the internet. Do you even read your own posts? The only thing you do when it comes to this stuff is spinning it the way it fits your argument.

You're constantly doing the same thing over and over. Giving an argument but if you spark a conversation about it and people don't agree wih you, you go into full on defense mode.

Just look how you replied to 3-4-5 and Deadpooled.

But funny that you mentioned calling people in a church stupid because this is exactly what i did when i was 14 when i had my communion. Don't get me wrong i' not proud about that. I was a silly teen.

I should point out for you that i never called you stupid in fact i think you must be a real clever and intelligent person. A diamond in a rough i think it's called. I just called your agenda stupid.

Heck, the more i think about it the more i actually want to have a real conversation with you. Maybe someday and all issues aside we should join a ps party if you game on ps and play some games and have a real conversation about our views of the world and what videogames should be and what not.

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Kocurstvo3022d ago Show
spicelicka3022d ago

Meh my only problem is when it's in your face, adds nothing valuable, and is basically the equivalent of clickbait.

Scatpants3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

What if I want sexualized game characters? Current game characters aren't sexualized enough. Perhaps an option where you can choose vanilla or sexualized would be nice.

DDMNeo3022d ago

I guess if it's not for no reason besides to sell the game I wouldn't have an issue. Like I have no problem if it's a porn game, or a game that wants to have female characters that are three dimensional AND being sexy is part of their character. If a horror game that tries to be scary throws bikinis on the female characters I would find it silly.

DDMNeo3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

What are you even talking about dude? I don't push for censorship. I think you can do or say whatever you want in this world as long as you're not trying to seriously hurt someone. The only caveat is that anyone can be judged, protested, or not liked for doing such. Everything has consequences, and people need to understand that. I have no agenda or real dog in this fight, besides not wanting people to act like assholes to each other. I vote with my money, and that's the most I do to push my "agenda."

I never actually saw the GAP thing, but your linking to the Blaze tells me that your claim of not being conservative is far from accurate. I mean that girl is kind of in a weird position, and it looks awkward. I wouldn't make a fuss, but if I was there when they were looking over the photos I'd probably use one where a girl wasn't just standing around looking frankly pretty unhappy. Mostly because "happy" and "fun" sells nearly as well as sex.

As for your video, I'm in full agreement with the white guy with the ugly hair. He has every right to look like a dufus, but I also have the right to think dreads on white people looks ugly as sin. Maybe if he was running around in black face eating KFC I'd feel he was in the wrong, but that's not the case here.

Look friend, I don't care what you believe, but you need to understand you're living your life with some serious paranoia. To lump me in with the likes of the two in your video is pretty funny, because they'd probably hate me.

antikbaka3022d ago

Part of an article:"As a gay man myself, even if it did not tackle the social issues of the day regarding gender imbalance and equality"
First world problem - when women don't go to work in STEM and wish work less time for the same money - and they call it called imbalance.
Third world problem - you are killed for being gay or a woman without hijab.
I just...i just refuse to accept the people in civilized countries fell so deep. In desire to be "HEROES" and in absence of really big social issues they over exaggerate every miniscule matter or even make things up.
Pathetic sc*m.

DDMNeo3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I don't go out of my way to fight for women's rights, which is why I don't consider myself a feminist, but as a minority I can understand what it's like for something to make you feel bad based on a portrayal for your group. I'm kind of on the let's not be dicks train, where we hear people out, and at least understand why they're upset. Not saying we need to change things for every voice, because that would be silly. However ignoring a large minority of people is not something that should happen, because there might be something that those who are in the majority (or another group) might not see or understand.