Xbox360 Elite - UK Launch Date and Cost

Xbox360 Elite which was released earlier on this year in the United States have finally been dated to makes its debut in the United Kingdom(UK). In an email received from retailer Game, the elite will be arriving next ...

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SuperSaiyan44297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

Microsoft have NOT released the official price yet and it better not be £330 thats a complete rip off, $480 in the US but over $600 in the UK.

I am suprised why anyone would disagree...Microsoft has yet to annouce a price and £330 is way too much.
My PS3 is using my HDMI connection as I only have one and I invested in MONSTER component cables which aren't cheap either.

Presidentjr4297d ago

is aready taking preorders for the elite as i type this. They have sent emails out today confirming the release date.

gta_cb4297d ago

game and some other stores have got pre-orders available, i didnt check how much as i dont plan on buying one, well at least untill the 65chips are in them.

cdzie14297d ago

That is a lot of money ($670, if my converter is right). What does a normal 360 premimum cost in the UK?

gta_cb4297d ago

normally £279.99 although this was when i brought mine in October 2006, i dont think its gone down, although there are plenty of good deals =D

Vip3r4297d ago

That really is expensive. Plus the £40 for live and it's almost as much as a PS3.

@ cdzie1 - I think a premium is about £280 in the UK.

IrishAssa4297d ago

premium is 400euro which is about $508 thaso how much is it in the us??

tudors4297d ago

The dollar is very weak at the moment, it is pointless to use the exchange rate as a example of price UK/USA, there is almost £2.00 to every $1.00, the UK has always priced this way with games consoles.

Vip3r4297d ago

Actually it's £1 to every $2. :)

ENNO4297d ago

you can shuve that £330 up your arse!!

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