Spawn Kill Review: Mimana Iyar Chronicles

Dave "Snarkasaur" Stewart of Spawn Kill writes:

"For a long while, PSP owners had a drought where RPGs were concerned. Crisis Core is a great game and Half Minute Hero is probably the most innovative RPG on any console, but compared to the massive catalog of RPGs over there on the DS, PSP owners have been poorly served. Because of this inattention, many might find Mimana Iyar Chronicles a welcome addition to the catalog. They might be blinded to its faults out of sheer need for something in the role-playing realm. They might tell people it’s a good game simply because there is so little to compare it to.

Do not be fooled, because this is not the RPG you’re looking for."

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rrquinta4182d ago

If it wasn't for the map problems, I would be tempted to try this out, although I have to say that the fact that some bosses are random encounters is pretty cheap. I don't think I've ever experienced or heard of that before.

Heart1lly4182d ago

Ouch. Well, the graphics don't really do it for me anyway, and I have waaay too many games to play at the moment so at least I'm not missing out on anything. The bosses being random encounters is really stupid, I'm sorry. I don't dig that at all. What were they thinking?

K-Tuck4182d ago

I thought it had a pretty cool graphical style.

ihaten4glol4181d ago

Same, that's why I felt like I'd still give it a try, haha.